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White tea

Traditional varieties of tea — black and green. However, white tea has an ancient origin. There is a beautiful legend about how it was opened.

The legend of how there were white tea

Once a landowner named Shen Nung who was studying the properties of plants, I felt bad, trying to taste some poisonous leaves and roots. Feeling unwell, he lay down under a tree, with leaf of which is rolled Dewdrop. The tree turned out to be tea, and hot in the sun dew dripping from the leaves, was a likeness of the infusion. The benefits of white tea was obvious: the landowner instantly felt better, and the taste of the drink was pleasant.

Chinese emperors believed that this amazing beverage gives clarity to the mind and brings thoughts in order. Reviews of modern tea lovers fully confirm this.

Properties and characteristics of white tea

The composition of white tea is dried in a special way upper leaves, buds and flowers of the tea Bush. Due to the fact that for the preparation of this drink uses only the young leaves, the taste of the infusion is especially delicate and pleasant.

Chinese white tea is a luxury drink for connoisseurs . If You are not a very pleasant bright distinct flavor Puer or its distinct aftertaste, this tea is sure You’ll be pleased. Moreover, varieties of white tea have a milder effect on the body. It’s no secret that excessive use of strong tea and coffee is contraindicated for people with easily excitable nervous system, and reduced pressure. Properties of white tea are manifested much more gently than its black or green counterpart. Drink just as well raises the tone of the organism, contributing to the tidal forces, however, makes it very delicately.

White Chinese tea may differ in their fermentation and origin. Thus, various types of white tea produced in Sri Lanka, in India and Africa, but the highest quality, strong and natural beverages invariably comes from China. Interestingly, initially for brewing white tea was used the young leaves ordinary tea bushes, and only in the 80-ies was derived from a special tree, used especially for making white tea.

The cost of white tea is often slightly higher than the more traditional counterparts, and this is quite justified: the rarity and uniqueness of this variety is not possible to buy it at bargain price. Tea online store no 1 offers the best prices and a delivery service to any point of Moscow and Moscow region.