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Vedic cooking Ginger tea with truffles and burfi

In the cold season to prevent colds is simply irreplaceable ginger tea. We share with you this simple and delicious recipe of Ayurveda – the science of healthy living! Stay healthy and happy!

My interest in Vedic cooking awoke naturally – after becoming acquainted with the wonderful world of yoga. When a person begins to penetrate deep into your own nature, in life nothing is not important. Everything from food to thoughts turns into fertile soil to nurture your True self …

Several important tenets of good nutrition:

– each meal should contain all six tastes (sweet, bitter, salty, sour, pungent, astringent), otherwise there will not be mental saturation of the body;

– to cook and eat with pleasure, in the mode of goodness;

– each season, time of day, age, individual body Constitution recommended a set of products that are beneficial to health (Ayurveda – the science of healthy life);

– higher level of consciousness corresponds to a more “fine food”, in lesser quantity;

– correct the use of spices in food can be used for the prevention and treatment of almost all diseases of the physical body.

Today we will try with you ginger tea is a wonderful drink for the cold season, which provides effective prevention of colds. By itself, the ginger root has a unique set useful to man properties and qualities. And is also one of the few products, which includes all the six tastes.

Ginger tea. ginger root, shredded on a large grater, honey, finely chopped lemon: all in equal proportions. Tablespoon of this mixture is poured 0.5 liters of boiling water and infuse for 5 minutes. To strengthen the healing power of this divine drink, you can add cloves (3-5 PCs), cardamom (2 open boxes), black pepper (3-5 pieces), and you can experiment with adding different herbs: mint, oregano, rose, tarragon…. Don’t know a single person among my friends and acquaintances, who would ginger tea left untouched. And yet little practical advice: I’m doing a whole jar of this mixture, which is left in the fridge for 3-5 days, and allows you to quickly brew a ginger tea without loss of time preparing all the ingredients.

Ginger (Ground Ginger) is Very valuable spice, and those who use it, have long appreciated its remarkable quality. It’s a light brown gnarled root of a plant (Zingiber officianalis) It is used in all types of Indian dishes. Dried ginger is sharper than a fresh (one teaspoon of dried ginger in equal one tablespoon of grated fresh ginger). In medicine, ginger is used in colic and indigestion. It also helps with pain in the abdomen (for this it is necessary to eat in small quantities), and ginger tea is a wonderful cure for the common cold.

Ayurveda recommends to consume one teaspoon of fresh grated ginger with lemon juice and a pinch of salt before lunch. This compound stimulates digestion and helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the digestive tract. Ginger bath will create a state of freshness and relaxation, ease pain in the body.

And, of course, tea would be tasty and useful Vedic sweets:

truffles and dairy burfi.

The dairy burfi

– package (400 g) milk powder 25 %

– 100 gr. sugar

– 50 ml of milk

– sachet of vanilla sugar

– cashews, hazelnuts, candied fruit, raisins

– butter 50 gr. (better Vologda, Gryazovets)

Syrup: sugar, butter, liquid milk to boil, remove from heat, + vanilla sugar + toppings (nuts, etc.) + milk powder and all thoroughly mixed. Pour into a flat shape, sprinkle coconut in the fridge for 3 hours, cut into squares.


– 200 gr. milk powder

– 2/3 Cup sugar

– 0.25 Cup water

– 50 gr. butter