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Useful properties satisfying Rooibos

This drink is known by different names: Rooibos, redbush, beverage Bushmen. The natives of Africa call it his own, that is closest to the name Rooibos . In our company, respectively the principle of “true values”, we stick to this name.

Rooibos has many useful properties. Their study worked in different countries, most extensively in Japan, where Rooibos is especially popular today.

In African Rooibos tea was found vitamins a, C, P, E, trace elements (magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, fluorine, sodium, potassium), aromatic

oils, eight phenolcarboxylic acids, which have antibacterial action. Flavonoids, also included in the composition satisfying Rooibos . have a broad spectrum of activities – from increasing the strength of capillary walls to wound healing.

First, Rooibos improves the immune system.

Vitamin C, trace minerals and flavonoids to help fight infection, support the body’s defenses.

The second useful property of African Rooibos tea is a slow down the aging process.

At the end of the last century in the herb Rooibos has been found highly effective antioxidant super oxide dismutase (SOD). The Rooibos him more than green tea! Antioxidant SOD c increased activity neutralizes free radicals that destroy the cells of the body, which leads to slower aging.

Another useful feature of African Rooibos tea — soothing.

Rooibos has beneficial effects on the nervous system, relieves irritability, depression, normalizes sleep.

Rooibos has beneficial effects on the circulatory system.

The high content of iron in tea Rooibos . as well as substances that help digestion, improves the blood, promotes blood formation. This property is especially useful to those suffering from anemia, nursing mothers and pregnant women. And everyone who leads an active lifestyle, playing sports.

The following useful property of African Rooibos tea — efficacy in skin diseases.

Rooibos tea reduces allergic reactions: skin itching, rash. It helps with eczema, hay fever, and acne. To do this, boil 1 tsp satisfying Rooibos per Cup of water, leave for half an hour and make lotions.

Has a beneficial effect on children’s allergies and irritation (0.5 tsp. per Cup of water, leave for half an hour). Don’t forget before using the tincture for kids to consult a doctor!

Rooibos tea improves the skin condition.

Rooibos refreshes the skin and improves the skin condition, it is a wonderful facial toner. Use broth from satisfying Rooibos soothe the skin after sunburn (1 tsp satisfying Rooibos brew in 1 Cup of water, leave for half an hour).

And if you add satisfying Rooibos infusion into the bath, it tones the skin and will be a great prevention of skin diseases (2 tbsp brew 0.5 liters of water and strain through cheesecloth).

African Rooibos tea acts as spasmolytic.

Rooibos tea reduces gastric spasm, and overall beneficial effect on the stomach. It’s even used as a means of relieving colic in infants. For this to brew tea ¼ tsp. per Cup, infuse for 15 minutes, pour into a bottle. Do not forget to consult your doctor!

Rooibos tea quenches thirst.

In any weather Rooibos tea will make up for the deficit of moisture in the body, saturate with vitamins and minerals. In the composition satisfying Rooibos has no caffeine, so it is safe to drink for children and adults, if caffeine is contraindicated.

And also,

if you regularly drink African Rooibos tea . this is a good prevention against beriberi, heart disease, liver and diabetes, surges in blood pressure.

It is important that

Rooibos tea can be drunk even those who suffer from kidney disease. Unlike many drinks in tea Rooibos little oxalic acid!

Here are some amazing drink red Bush came to us from the African continent!


No matter how excellent properties not possessed our guest from Africa, it’s still a very healthy beverage, not a medicine!

And now a little about how to prepare Rooibos tea.

The easiest way is to brew in a teapot or Cup at the rate of 1 tsp per Cup of water. Let stand for 5-10 minutes and the tea is ready! Get pretty intense flavored drink.

Even Rooibos tea can be boiled. You need to get a suitable for melting glass teapot, pour into it water, put on fire. When you receive a medium bubbles, put the dry tea leaves (2 tsp to 1 liter of water), reduce the heat and bring to a boil. You need to be careful: Rooibos tea can run away, like milk! After tea let stand up. When the tea leaves will sink to the bottom, Rooibos is ready.

And in our Tea Club you can try different drinks based on tea and Rooibos. For example, Rooibos with fruit . with fruits and spices, with milk. And quite an unusual drink is Rooibos with cocoa . with herbs and green tea!

Delicious Rooibos tea can be prepared and ourselves.

Here’s one of the recipes of our Tea Club.

Rooibos with fruit

To get a suitable glass teapot, pour in water, put heat and bring water to a state of medium bubbles. Sprinkle dry tea leaves (to 1.5 l of water 2 tbsp dry welding, 1 fruit – Apple, orange, tangerine). After reduce the heat to the smallest, add sliced fruit, simmer for another 5 minutes. Remove from heat, let stand for 10 minutes and the drink is ready.