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The original tea gifts

You would like to make a gift to your beloved, surprise your loved one? Maybe we should congratulate a colleague?

To buy a useful gift is always difficult!

Always a problem – what to give. I want to be original . not to get off with a bouquet of flowers and chocolate.

Save yourself the hassle!

Gift set of tea or coffee always have the way!

This gift will be appropriate for any holiday!

Just imagine.

You congratulate a loved one, arrange a gala dinner with an authentic tea ceremony with candles and for greater effect, brewed in a beautiful glass teapot special, blooming tea . who’s built by hand from tea leaves in a small ball. You will be fascinated together with bated breath to watch how this ball will turn into a beautiful flower. You are witnessing a miracle, and you enjoy a delicious tea .

Chinese tea is able to delight and amaze . Take tea in Mandarin . in the present dried. The smell of this Mandarin soak, mingled with the scent of tea, and get original and pleasant taste. And old Puer . lay a few years, which should be divided to brew a special knife for Puer – what is not original gift?

Meats of different varieties of tea or coffee is a universal gift for any occasion for Your loved ones. Useful and nice gift for mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, mother-in-law and mother-in-law. Tea and coffee gift sets are suitable for men and women of any age and profession. This is the gift option when You are not very familiar or unfamiliar with the person at all. When choosing, we will respect one who is present . for example, women are encouraged to buy gentle varieties of tea, with floral, dairy flavors and a long finish, the men are not so important aroma, they prefer a stronger drink with a tart taste.

The structure of our gifts include the best elite varieties of Chinese tea . and coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the large selection of coffee beans .

Here You can enjoy an inexpensive but lovely gift, for example in the form of a mini – bouquet or gift basket . using high quality and inexpensive varieties of tea and coffee, or more luxurious, stylish dial, bouquet or basket, a VIP gift . which combines all the most exquisite varieties of tea and coffee.

Our designers create original, unique in its beauty bouquets and baskets that will delight Your loved ones !

We will help tip to make You a gift for Your needs and every budget.

In our online store, “an Ordinary miracle”, You can select and order the gift in advance . All gift sets we collect and process only after the order, so the freshness of the set You can be sure . Contact our Manager, say to whom, for what reason and on what budget You want to create a gift bouquet or basket, and You will be offered various options of filling and design. Coordinate ordering and see how it is decorated.

A gift in the amount of 1500 rubles we will deliver for free!

Fragrant tea-coffee gifts will cheer up, will cause a lot of positive emotions and will leave pleasant memories .