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Strawberry sorbet

Yesterday I bought a new issue of the magazine “Burda”, which I liked old Mike. I hope that in the near future find the time to sew. Master class of the sewing will definitely share with you, for you to be able to make myself a new thing.

I will say that about sewing you need to talk in another section of this site? But no, on the last pages of the

magazine, I always pleasing recipes with beautiful photos. The peculiarity of these recipes — they are always arranged on the season. The issue presents three recipes with strawberries (the”tart with cream, Sorbet with milk and Strawberries with cream cheese”).

Strawberries we have passes, but it can still be found on store shelves. Among all presented in the journal of recipes I wanted to cook a cooling strawberry sorbet. The son constantly asks for ice cream, of which there are legends and horror stories. Better let eats sorbet from natural products than questionable quality ice cream from the store.

To prepare strawberry sorbet, we need the following products:

— 3 cups strawberries

— 3 cups of milk

— 1 Cup sugar

— 1 tbsp lemon juice

To prepare the dessert needed a blender and 15 minutes of your time.

Strawberries iterate, rinse under running water. The berries are spread on a paper towel so they are a little dried out.

Using a blender make a strawberry puree.

Lemon juice (without seeds) need for light sourness. Do not be afraid that the milk will curdle from the lemon juice — add it safely.

I take milk either store-bought or home that is pre-boiled and cooled.

Combine the strawberry puree with milk.

Add sugar.

Using a blender mix all the ingredients and pour the strawberry mixture into the container. Cover with lid and put into the fridge. An hour later, the container is sent in the freezer and wait until the sorbet becomes fully solid.

The finished sorbet dispensed into glasses or bowls and serve, garnished with mint and strawberries.