Original tea pot

Hi, dear moskovcan. In my second review I want to tell you about one very original in my opinion thing, namely an unusual teapot for tea.

Brief background: I decided to buy a pot, so as not to mess with a floating tea leaves in a Cup (a tea bags I don’t really like), and at the same time I wanted something compact and original. And here I was told about this option, looking at which, I immediately decided to buy. So, meet, Mr. Tea!

Was sending me through a standard month. The teapot (and I ordered 5 pieces, one myself, and the rest as Souvenirs) were in the standard mail package.

The disclosed package and see 5 funny humans. Each Packed in an extra bag with Velcro. After transportation of the figures were slightly dented, but then immediately took its shape.

Now consider a single figure on both sides:

Men made of silicone, unpleasant smell I felt, except for a small rubber smell, which disappears after a preliminary rinsing of the figures. They made quite accurately, one can see only a small vertical seam along the contour. The seller has indicated that this product complies with the certification CE/EU (though believe it or not, this is a personal matter:)

Now open our pot: As you can see, it consists of two parts: the lower perforated and solid upper. The diameter of the holes just enough to keep the usual small leaf tea does not spill, and at the same time penetrated a sufficient amount of water. Halves are easily solved, but they are firmly held in the closed state.

Put now our pot put him on the spot… no, not on the throne, and a mug of tea;)

On a circle with the vertical wall of the pot fits very well, holding the opposite edge, as if taking a Jacuzzi. On the mug with the walls at the angle it is still not so well seated, without sinking completely perforated part in the water, but even in this case, tea can be successfully prepared.

It is time to test our pot in the case. Pour the tea and put in a mug, watching how it will change the color of the water (actually I have no idea for what else is possible in the case of such a simple thing to follow):

The brewing process

In the end get a strong brewed tea with a smile on your face mr.tea.

After brewing, the figure can be readily washed and ready for use again.

What can we say in summary: a great souvenir, coping well with its function and just pleasing to the eye at the office and at home. Recommend to anyone who likes unusual trinkets that you can use in everyday life.