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Original Japanese green tea

Original Japanese green tea

Take care of health is fashionable, tasty and profitable! Including – and the health of your company’s customers, which probably will like the novelty in the family of Promotional Goodies: revitalizing green tea from Japan is unsurpassed in its properties the product is still new for Russia.

This useful natural tea “Sencha” will decorate any gift set, including Christmas. It complements chocolate bar with logo. chocolate figures. lollipops with logo in saverthe or on a stick. However, this exclusive good healing drink as a gift in and of itself, because it includes all that I

love and appreciate the green tea!

Organic Japanese tea is grown in the highland plantations without the use of fertilizers and chemicals, harvested and produced under strict supervision of undergoing chemical changes.

Unique green tea Pensado from Shizuoka Prefecture is rich in medicinal substances, in particular, the catechins . which is a natural antioxidant, reduces the development of chronic diseases, slows the aging process, and promotes weight loss. These properties of catechins are confirmed by scientific studies. Pensado not only healthy, but extremely tasty – it allows you to fully enjoy the outstanding taste of the green tea!

Good tea can be presented in several forms and packing:

Wellness leaf green tea – 100 grams

Packaged Sencha green tea – 20 bags of 5 grams

Japanese green tea powder – 50 grams

Safe product that does not lose its quality for an extended time, it goes well with milk, yogurt, vodka, can be used in cooking. Useful for oral health.

Preformed organic green tea from Japan – 80 grams, 240 tablets 0,335 grams.

This outstanding tea has numerous certificates and patent “the Method of production and products, which does not change its properties over an extended period of time”, is valid in most Western countries where people with special thrill of your health!

Want to know the prices on the right green tea?

To prepare hot tea use water temperature below 60 degrees, let the tea steep for 3 minutes and pour into cups. Fully catechins will stand out after the second brewing tea. Also from this green tea turns out very tasty chilled beverage, for cooking which you want to give it infuse over 6 hours.

This is the right green tea . which not only heal the body of every lover of this drink, but nourish the relationship of the giver of such a souvenir and its recipient. Beneficial effects on well-being and a rich, pleasant taste – the secret of the success of tea Jinseido that you can present to customers, business partners and employees of your company.