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Strawberry sorbet

Yesterday I bought a new issue of the magazine “Burda”, which I liked old Mike. I hope that in the near future find the time to sew. Master class of the sewing will definitely share with you, for you to be able to make myself a new thing. I will say that about sewing you […]

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Ginger tea for weight loss

The structure of the root that is popular in the East of the plant contains gingerol and shogaol. These components of the essential oil and give ginger tea for weight loss wonderful properties. They warm us from the inside that activates all processes and blood circulation, and metabolism, and digestion. In other words, drink “heats” […]


How to make iced tea

Ask at first glance stupid question – how to make iced tea? the fact that when the tea stand (more than an hour or two) – he gets a taste of his spoils. About the lemon, I generally keep quiet – makes tea much bitter. But raspisanie in bottles and packets of tea stored for […]