How to make iced tea

Ask at first glance stupid question – how to make iced tea?

the fact that when the tea stand (more than an hour or two) – he gets a taste of his spoils. About the lemon, I generally keep quiet – makes tea much bitter.

But raspisanie in bottles and packets of tea stored for a very long time

and does not change the taste.

Maybe for iced tea use special varieties of tea?

or simply at home to drink it within the hour?

Not an idle question, given that in Russia the wait is unbearable heat. In the answer, as always, the people broke out a bunch of completely unnecessary jokes and be silly, but was given the following specific answer:

Not, colleagues. If religion does not allow to appreciate the taste of the product because of its low price, this is the wrong approach (IMHO) the Person asked advice on how to quench the thirst. and he, as usual, began to sell that you cannot taste the tea, not acquainted with his “Tao”.

I do not recommend to proceed from the fact that tea is a wooden jar And now someone will say that if tea is not in a box from a single piece of gold then this shit All you say is true – the high cost of a divorce is the purest water And tea in bulk for 10 rubles per gram – this is a terrible fiction! Because he is no better than Ahmad at the supermarket, standing 50 rubles per pack

Still, I recommend we proceed from the fact that the taste is not the price, and a total mistake to think that the recipe for tea industrial additives necessary. And any substance ending in “. at” – it’s just the preservatives and chemicals. Want cancer? Please partake! No? Then here’s the recipe (tested on himself, his wife, friends many times and absolutely):

Take a pack of tea bags “Princess Java” – July garden or Berry glade (glade, IMHO, tastier). They are both red in color, drawn there different berries. In a packet – 25 packets. Is all this fun 12 rubles (the price of St. Petersburg, stores the “Tape”). Put on the hob on a five-liter pot of plain water from the tap, include conventional gas(electricity), throw in there two(three) tablespoons of sugar, half a teaspoon of citric acid, stir, getting up to a boil, turn off the gas(electricity), open the lid and dipped back tea bags, straightened the strings from the bags so that they are left to stick out from under the lid, then to make it more convenient for them out of removal. In 5 litres of water – takes about 12 tea bags. Put the bags and forget about the pan. Waiting until until the pan cools down so that it can be placed in the refrigerator without harm to the latter. Put. If you did all this in the evening, then the next day you will be marked by a lovely refreshing drink that does not taste different from Lipton “Red”, but differs from it by the absence of carcinogens, preservatives, and other vermin, as well as the exceptionally affordable price, which is expressed in approximately 11 rubles per 5 liters of tea.

Here’s the whole recipe. I will add that doing that almost every day, because for two with his wife pan flies for a day and a half And personally, I have nothing more wonderful in the heat of the drink.