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How to cook summer gifts of nature useful and fragrant tea Berendey

Plants from which it is possible to prepare tasty and healthy tea, known to many. Most often this is done using fresh or dried leaves, flowers, berries and roots. If you let the leaves and flowers to soak up the warmth of human hands, the tea will work much more aromatic and delicious.

Usually the collection of leaves and flowers, suitable for brewing tea, complexity is not. For this approach leaves of currant, raspberry, Apple, strawberry, fireweed, mint, blackberries, cherries, cherry, Heather, St. John’s wort, meadowsweet, tansy, oregano, OK, etc. in fact, you can brew tea from virtually any leaves and flowers. If you are interested in the plant, try it out for size felt acidity, astringency, original flavor, you

can safely use it for tea. The only advice: if the plant you do not know, try to find its description in the guide – if it’s poisonous or it has some properties that are undesirable for you personally.

Processing of leaves and flowers for tea is simple and does not require much time. This fermentation (fermentation), giving the forest an exquisite aroma. Collected leaves and flowers should be a little provaliti. Enough, if they lie down in the shade in the breeze of 5-8 hours, depending on the thickness of the leaves. It is necessary that the leaves have lost some moisture, but not dry, and are soft and not brittle.

Large one sheet at a time, and small – a few pieces at once begin to knead and roll (twist) in the palms. The leaves should be covered with juice and become a bit sticky. In this case they are destroyed intercellular communication and is exposed to air will start the fermentation process. To twist you into tubes or balls, whichever you prefer. Can be combined: for example, in the mashed Apple leaf to invest a small leaf of tansy, wormwood or more flowers of Hypericum. The scope for experimentation is wide, it all depends on your imagination.

Curled leaves are formed in dense, but not hard Packed pile, and covered with a damp cloth. In this position they stand 8-12 hours, giving juice to wander. After that, the leaves must be dried quickly, so they are not soured. This can be done on the baking sheet in the oven at a temperature of 70-90 degrees in the sun or with periodic stirring. If the leaves are rolled in a long tube, before drying them can be cut or break into several pieces.

With this method of processing the leaves and flowers lose their grassy smell, but get the original flavor, which is not the raw material, the past simple drying in the shade. Interestingly, the color of the tea in this case will be more intense.

There is an ingenious method of preparation of leaves and flowers for welding. According to experienced herbalists, in this case the result will be even better. My grandmother, preparing welding supply tea Berendey (as she called it), the dried leaves were put in a cast iron pot (pot) and put in a warmed-up Russian stove for 10-12 hours. For lack of a Russian stove and chugunka like I did in the electric furnace, using a large ceramic saucepan. The temperature was kept at 60 degrees.

After raw materials are thoroughly steamed, dumped it on a baking sheet or large cutting Board and allow to cool down. Then follows a process of twisting in your hands and drying as in the previous method. By the way, about this way of fireweed (rosebay) at the time made the fake authentic Chinese tea.

Prepared the leaves for tea Berendey it should be stored in tightly sealed containers. In this case you can pre-mix different leaves, or store them separately, and to mix, if you wish, already before brewing. The original flavor is obtained if brewed with the leaves of wild strawberry, BlackBerry, raspberry, currant appropriate dried berries.

The leaves for drying and fermentation can be harvested all summer until they begin to turn yellow, but it is desirable to consider the properties of plants. The leaves of raspberry, currant, BlackBerry, fireweed is better to take in the first half of the summer when they are more fragrant. And the leaves of strawberries, on the contrary, it is desirable to collect at the beginning of autumn, when they “accumulate” the greatest amount of nutrients.

In Russia have always loved to have a Cup of tea and knew a lot of recipes are flavorful and healthy teas. These teas from gifts of nature can be found in reference books, but much more interesting to come up with their own, experimenting with different plants. By the way, the leaves of birch and Rowan, young (soft) needles of trees, pine, juniper and fir when used in small quantities, will give the tea a distinctive scent.

Do not be lazy to spend a few hours collecting and processing of leaves and flowers, and in winter you will have the opportunity to enjoy tea Berendey whose fragrance will remind you of summer.