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How to cook cocoa pravilno

Drink cocoa, or (as it is called in America) hot chocolate has a long history of origin. Several thousand years ago the indigenous people of South America knew how to cook cocoa, which they called “xocoatl”. Actually, to them we owe the word “chocolate”. It was a part of their daily diet, and the seeds of the cacao tree were used in the settlements as units of money. Later, in the 16th century, the colonists brought the seeds and drink recipe on the big continent. And since then, the first notable population (new in those days was appreciated very expensive), and then the rest tried bright, slightly tart taste of cocoa. Initially in its preparation did not use milk or cream, and then, from about the 19th century, began to add these familiar ingredients. Today there are many

ready-soluble species of cocoa. But is it possible to make a real drink, using the powder from the jar, where, in addition to the main component, there are definitely flavors and other not so useful substances! Much better early in the morning to cook drink natural powder. How to cook cocoa, read more in our article.

Prepare cocoa

The preparation of this drink will not take you much time, and the taste will be pleased. From childhood we remember fragrant powder, sealed in 250 gram packs. How to cook cocoa with milk, knew everything, it was one of the few affordable and tasty beverages Soviet times. To make 1 Cup you need to take a glass of milk or low-fat cream, 1-2 tablespoons natural cocoa powder (it can still be found in stores) and sugar to taste.

In Turku fill the whole cocoa powder and sugar, if its not add, you will receive slightly bitter, strong taste of chocolate. Mix well and then pour in the hot milk. Put over a medium heat and stir constantly, breaking up the lumps. Keep in mind that cocoa is not coffee, small granules of the powder is not able to absorb all the fluid at once, so you need to control the process from beginning to end. Liquid bring to a boil, then lower the heat slightly and cook for about 1-2 minutes. Watch carefully – the drink should not “run away”. It will be a bit thick, with no lumps interspersed. When ready, pour into a large mug, cool slightly and enjoy. Optionally, you can add some more sugar. If you know how to cook cocoa with milk, you will never need to buy expensive imported substitutes in the Bank.

How to cook chocolate from cocoa

In the beginning of the article it was mentioned that the term “cocoa” best fits the American definition, drink hot chocolate, but a small difference is still there. Usually the latter is more dense and thick, with a pronounced creamy taste. To prepare a Cup of this hot chocolate, you will need:

First you need to connect cocoa, sour cream, sugar and brandy (or rum) and stir, bring to a boil in a small saucepan or pot. Then add butter and stir. If you believe that your chocolate is too thick, add a little water. This recipe is also good to use as a fill for cakes or pastries. Knowing how to cook cocoa or chocolate, you will prepare great and healthy Breakfast for the whole family. A Cup of refreshing beverage and favorite sandwich will give energy for the whole day.