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Hot chocolate at home a few recipes

Hot chocolate is a beverage that is familiar to almost everyone. It is loved by both children and adults. With the help of this delicacy can be warm in cold weather and even lift your mood. Today, hot chocolate is served in almost every cafe. Someone prefer to do it at home from ready-mix, store-bought. But few know that you can make real hot

chocolate at home .

Today, there are many recipes how to make hot chocolate at home. But in essence they boil down to one basic ingredient – chocolate. Consider some of the rules and features of hot chocolate at home.

Ingredients for making hot chocolate at home

The main components of hot chocolate are:

1. Chocolate or cocoa powder. Chocolate must be bitter. The amount of cocoa in it should not be less than 70% (this applies also and cocoa powder).

2. Milk. It is best to use low-fat or skim milk.

3. The sweetener. Sweetener an ordinary granulated sugar. Those who do not eat sugar, can use it as a substitute. Ideal sweetener is cane sugar.

In addition to the main ingredients in hot chocolate, you can add additional components:

Flavors. Such natural flavors can be cinnamon, vanilla, mint, nutmeg, orange.

Stirrers. As sticks — “mixers” you can use candy canes or cinnamon sticks. They can be both flavor and decoration of this dessert.

Decor. Decorate the drink with whipped cream, grated orange zest, or caramel.

With the use of additional ingredients in the preparation of hot chocolate at home, you should observe the measure. Most importantly – do not overdo it. Aroma of chocolate should not be lost, and its taste should also remain unchanged.

Prepared hot chocolate at home can have a different nutritional value and calorie content. This will depend on the products from which it will be cooked. Thus, it is possible to get a drink to suit your needs and preferences.

Hot chocolate at home: the stages of preparation

If you are using chocolate bars, to begin with must be crushed. For these purposes you can use your food processor. The harvester should not exceed three minutes.

Next, the crushed chocolate needs to be brought to a liquid state, melt in a water bath. First, in a water bath to heat milk. It is in any case should not boil! Then, in another container, place the chocolate and a few tablespoons of the heated milk. When the chocolate is liquid, the capacitance immediately remove from heat.

The melted chocolate should be stirred in a slow circular motion for a few minutes. Then, while continuing to mix, add the chocolate to the remaining milk and mix again.

Chocolate-milk mixture again put in a water bath and heat for three minutes, stirring constantly. Optionally, you can add flavorings. The heated mass remove from heat and leave to infuse for about 10 minutes.

At the end of the exposure time, the finished chocolate again put on fire, bring to boil and rapid movements of whipped into a fluffy foam. Thus, to get a hot chocolate with foam. Optionally, you can skip this step.

Hot chocolate at home: how to prepare

1. Diet hot chocolate

Heat on a water bath 250 ml of milk (skim). Add 70 g of chopped 70% dark chocolate and 20 g cane sugar. Mix with a beater.

Remove from heat and beat again.

Depending on your taste and desires, you can add cinnamon. For this purpose, 5 g of cinnamon you need to add together with the sugar and chocolate.

2. Hot chocolate based on cocoa powder

To make hot chocolate at home from cacao powder, you need to take: 150 ml of milk and 50 ml of low-fat cream, on 1st. l cocoa powder and sugar.

Put all the ingredients in a bowl (small pan). Gently stir and heat on low heat. While continuing to stir, bring the mass to boil.

Optionally, you can add cinnamon (5 g). Also, as a decoration, the top you can put one tablespoon of whipped cream.

3. A simple recipe of hot chocolate

A small tile of dark chocolate (70%) to break into pieces or chop in a food processor.

60 ml milk heated in a water bath.

Gradually add the chocolate to the milk, continuously stirring. Do not stop stirring until all the chocolate melts.

Ready to drink pour into cups and decorate according to your taste.

To make hot chocolate at home is easy. A Cup of this warming aromatic drink will give you incomparable pleasure. So don’t miss the opportunity to pamper yourself with a hot chocolate homemade!