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Homemade chocolate ice cream recipe homemade ice cream

Ingredients for cooking Homemade chocolate ice cream”:

– cream – 100 gr.;

– milk – 60 ml;

– chocolate – 100 gr.;

– med – 50 gr.;

– sugar – 2 tbsp

Recipe homemade chocolate ice cream:

The chocolate bar divide into segments. It would be better if you chop the chocolate finely, so it will dissolve in the milk faster, besides the possibility of burning is reduced to a minimum.

Heat the milk over medium heat until the first tiny bubbles and turn the burner off. Temperature, which scored milk, would be enough to melt the chocolate.

Cool the chocolate, add the honey and yogurt. For ice cream perfect white yogurt without sugar, fillings, flavors and other additives. If you want to add dessert some sort of additional taste touch, can be used, for example, a cherry yogurt. But chocolate ice cream is hardly required such Supplement.

Cream with 2 tbsp sugar (or sugar), whisk, but not too hard. The consistency of the cream from the spray can to achieve not need. They should thicken to such an extent that the stream flowing down from the spoon that was left on the surface of the well marked trail. The cream is easier to whip if they are precooled. To hold a quarter of an hour in the fridge it is recommended that not only the cream itself but the bowl in which you beat them.

On the next step you can go two ways. The first is for those who have an electric ice cream maker, and the second for those who haven’t.

So, homemade chocolate ice cream in the freezer. The simplest household ice cream maker consists of two parts: the bowl, which had previously been placed in the freezer, and cover with a built-in motor and whisk for stirring.

In a chilled bowl pour the yogurt mixture, cream, chocolate milk and honey. Close the lid and plug in the mains, 40 minutes later, the treat will be ready. Undeniable plus ice cream in a dessert mixes, allowing it to harden evenly. In ice cream prepared in this way will never be pieces of ice. However, there is a drawback: the majority of ice-cream is not capable of producing solid ice cream. After work ice cream treat will need to put an hour or two in the freezer, after reviewing the special molds.

Ice cream maker, of course, greatly simplifies the cooking process, reducing your participation to a minimum, but you can do without her help. Put the well-mixed mixture of yogurt, cream, milk chocolate and honey in a plastic container, filling it no more than two-thirds. Put the container in the freezer for 4-6 hours.

The main disadvantage of this method is that approximately every half hour will have to take out home-made ice cream from the chamber and thoroughly mixed in order to prevent the formation of appreciable ice.