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Working recipes for fighting fat

Fitness menu: Recipes tea with ginger. Lose weight delicious and fast!

Ginger is known as the Eastern spice with a mass of useful properties.

The use of ginger is undeniable, that there is a historical evidence. In the middle ages, this miracle root, preserved from the plague. During long hikes, the roots of this plant, used by the seamen, preventing scurvy and sea sickness. In addition, in the East, ginger is known as an aphrodisiac.

Merchants, telling scary stories, about living on the edge of the world a monster guarding this root. Interest was stoked, the price soared. Today another time.

What are the benefits of ginger?

According to scientists at Boston University ginger is a strong antioxidant, best antioxidant product. Daily, drinking a Cup of tea with ginger, you prolong youth!

Ginger promotes weight loss . Namely, normalizes appetite, metabolic processes and accelerate fat absorbed by the body instantly.

Stimulates circulation . therefore, all the nutrients get into the cells and tissue of the body. You’ll just forget about slags, toxins and cholesterol plaques!

Reduces swelling . extraction of the excess water from the body.

Promotes the formation of stable immune system.

Contains essential oils that stop the processes of putrefaction in the digestive tract, and thereby prevents the deposition of fat.

Ginger is a source of vitamins A, C, B1, B2, amino acids and trace elements.

Strengthens memory.

Improves potency.

Treats infertility.

Struggling with nausea from various sources.

It helps in the treatment of bronchial asthma and just the perfect remedy for colds.

Is used to prevent cancer.

Able to relieve the pain of various etiologies.

How to drink tea with ginger

For maximum effect, follow the rules of the use of this drink. In the case of a chaotic and haphazard use of ginger, the effect will be negligible.

Nutritionists recommend the following scheme:

Drink ginger tea before meals, 30 minutes, preferably in small SIPS. The result is a quickly comes a feeling of fullness and you will consume a smaller portion of food, unlike usual.

Better to start with the portions of the beverage in an amount of 50 ml. during the first day. The next day, increase the volume to 100 ml. and bring to 200-250 ml. Stay on this volume, and in the future, stick to this dosage for one time. Drink healthy tea with pleasure, breathing in the pleasant, spicy aroma.

It is better to drink this tea a year, 2 weeks. Then 2 weeks go to the usual diet, give the body a rest.

Now, knowing the basic rules of drinking tea with ginger. It remains to learn how to cook it.

For example, the Hollywood star added to ginger tea – rosehips, spearmint, chamomile, herbs, dried berries, hot peppers and even garlic. Those recipes a lot.

For weight loss, you can choose any recipe from suggested, based on their taste preferences.

Simple and accessible recipes ginger tea for weight loss

Ginger tea with lemon

Action . Reduces appetite, cleanses, normalizes the liver and intestines.

Composition . Water – 2 liters ginger – 100 grams, lemon – 1/4 PCs.

Preparation: Ginger and lemon grind, lay in a thermos, pour boiled water. To insist during the day. The drink is ready for consumption. Enjoy divine flavor with a citrus tone!

Ginger tea with honey

Action . Strengthens the immune system, normalizes weight.

Composition . Water – 2 liters ginger – 100 grams, honey to taste.

Cooking . Ginger crushed, lay in a thermos, pour boiled water. Leave for 1 hour to one day. When the drink is ready to serve strain and add honey. Unusual aroma and pleasant taste you get as a result.

Green tea with ginger

Action . Has anti-aging and antioxidant action.

Composition . Water – 2 liters ginger – 100 grams, green tea – 2 teaspoons cinnamon – 1 teaspoon, a couple of cardamom pods, cloves 2 sticks.

Cooking . To put in the thermos all the ingredients, pour the boiled water. Leave for 1 hour to one day. Drain. And, here, you taste wonderful fragrant elixir.

Ginger tea with garlic

Action . Has a maximum fat burning effect.

Composition . Water – 2 liters ginger – 100 grams, garlic – 3 cloves.

Cooking . To put in the thermos all the chopped ingredients, pour boiled water. Leave for 15 minutes. Drain. Use a drink only during the day. This combination is optimal for losing weight a person with more obesity.

In summer, you can make tea in your favorite recipe, and just add ice. A special treat, quench your summer thirst and cool off, literally, after the first SIP of a healthy drink.

Winter, chilly afternoon, ginger tea is the best way to keep warm.

The article presents the basic recipes, you can say classic, proven. But ginger tea is so popular that the number of new recipes is growing.

For example, a combination of ginger – honey – lemon, improves the anti-inflammatory effect of tea. Fights colds and boosts the immune system. The combination of ginger – honey – mint, except for a mild pleasant taste, it has a calming effect. If to the basic mix, add the rose hips, you get the most vitamin mixture, help in the treatment of “female” disease, diuretic effect, weight loss. Adding cranberries in a ginger tea helps with kidney disease.

If you need a tonic effect, then prepare ginger-orange drink. Take ginger, orange zest, cardamom and mint, chop and boil 15 minutes. Strain and add a little lemon juice. Tonic effect, if ginger add in green tea.

Proves the effectiveness of the all-new, successful combination. However, let’s not forget, if there’s a cure, there are contra-indications.

Contraindications in the use of ginger tea

Contraindication is listed below diseases in the acute stage:

Inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis, gastric ulcer, gastritis);

Inflammatory diseases of the bladder and kidneys;

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels (high blood pressure, previous heart attack);

Bleeding of various etiologies;

Pregnancy, because of risk of pressure increase;

High temperature;

Allergy, pruritus of various etiologies.

If you have doubts, whether, for you, to eat ginger – contact your doctor or dietitian.

Maybe soon, you will have another good habit is to drink, not just tea, but with the addition of ginger.

Its beneficial properties are an excellent prevention of various diseases.

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