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Green tea benefits and harms


Tea is a universal beverage that quenches thirst, treat diseases and enjoy. We are accustomed to the fact that green tea is good for health, let us examine this issue in detail.

Green tea benefits and harms — benefit or harm.

The composition of green tea

Green tea differs from black the fact that during production he undergoes a

process of fermentation. For this reason, the leaves retain their color.

This product contains about 450 different substances and trace elements, among which are vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The minerals in tea accounted for about 7% of the weight. Knowing how they are necessary for normal functioning of the body, you can appreciate the benefits of tea beverage.

Polyphenols and catechins contained in tea is recognized as active fighters against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

However, among all the components can distinguish one substance through which green tea is so popular:

caffeine is the main component of tea. He gives us a burst of energy, vigor and improves brain function. However, in tea it is in a modified form and is called theine. Therefore its action is milder than coffee .

Useful properties of green tea

First, and perhaps the most valuable feature of tea – quenching thirst . A large amount of water we need, we not only heat, but also during periods of illness. The temperature increase is a reason for drinking plenty of water. In addition, green tea contains substances that eliminate inflammation.

This drink is recommended to drink for those who suffer from kidney disease, as it is a diuretic .

Scientists say that substances found in green tea contribute to the prevention of vascular events – heart attack and stroke. It turns out that tea helps to strengthen the vascular wall and rid the body of cholesterol.

In the East it is believed that tea has beneficial effects on digestion . For those who want to lose weight, tea is of particular value.

Tea can be used for cosmetic purposes . This strong drink is frozen in the ice tray and make daily cold cubes face massage and body. This procedure improves the condition of the skin and prevents aging process.

Damage green tea

We used to hear about the green tea only positive, but he has some negative qualities:

it is not recommended to drink it to those who suffer from nervous exhaustion. So how green tea promotes sleep disorders .

do not get involved green tea for those who have low blood pressure, so tea lowers pressure.

women during pregnancy . before birth and before menstruation and during menopause drinking green tea should be stopped or drastically reduced.

green tea increases the acidity of gastric juice . so it should not be drunk by people with acute gastric ulcer.

green tea promotes the formation of kidney stones . so it is not useful to people with a predisposition

And another interesting fact. In the vast global services I found information that a particular dose of tea leads to an increase in the body of a substance called polyphenol. And the result is a negative impact on DNA rupture or breakage of the chain. Hazardous dose researchers call ½ liter of green tea per day (3 cups).

Green tea with milk

The benefits of green tea with milk

Whether to combine these two drinks, there are several opinions.

The arguments for mixing tea with milk:

drink invigorating;

it has low calories (80 kcal), but nourishes and reduces the feeling of hunger;

tea protects the stomach wall from the products of fermentation of milk;

drink strengthens the vascular and nervous system;

the combination of milk with tea protects teeth from decay.

All these qualities have allowed this kind of simple drink occupied one of leading places among the products by controlling appetite. About this diet Molokai you can read on our website: » Diet Molokai slimming «.

The most typical beverage resulting from the mixing of milk and tea — Indian masala tea. Of course there is black tea and added a significant range of spices (7 to 10), but still the principle remains the same. And drink this tea masala in India in huge quantities, brew and sell on the street, as we have soda.

Harm green tea with milk

However, there is another point of view, which States that milk tea should not be combined and it is harmful:

milk changes the taste and smell of tea;

milk protein is poorly digested in connection with cheaplamisil contained in the tea;

milk protein neutralizes the beneficial effect of tea on blood vessels.

How to maximize benefit and avoid harm?

If you drink green tea incorrectly, harm, he will be more than good. In order not to hurt yourself, should follow these recommendations:

it is not advisable to drink tea on an empty stomach, better to do it after eating;

it is better to drink tea as a separate meal, and not a continuation of the meal;

tea should be drunk within 15 minutes after brewing, when not evaporated useful essential substances. If you insist tea all day – you nativethe to poison yourself.

tea is better to drink during the day, drunk at night, it can disrupt sleep and cause headaches;

it is proved that green tea should not be combined with alcohol, this has a negative impact on the kidneys;

you should not drink tea for gout, arthritis and rheumatism;

you can not drink the medicine green tea, because it rids the body of chemical compounds, thus the effect of the medicine will be neutralized).

How to select and store tea?

Choosing tea, prefer loose leaf variety. Do not buy tea bags. If we examine the bag closely, you notice that the tea badly crushed. Most likely the producers of Packed small remnants (waste).

Dry leaves perfectly absorb all odors, so store tea of any variety is better in a sealed package (dark tin with a tight lid.

Tea is a plant, so it should be treated with the same care as all the medicinal herbs. In China before it was used in small quantities and only for medicinal purposes, and only later it became a daily drink.

Of course, you can sometimes afford milk tea, especially if this combination very much. But to abuse green tea, like black tea and coffee, not worth it. All costs to comply with the measure.