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Green tea benefit or harm

Already 500 000 years ago, people have been brewing the leaves in hot water and it is unknown whether they liked just the resulting broth the taste or they already knew about the beneficial properties of the drink. And whatever the reason, the tea party has long since become a global phenomenon.

What are the ingredients in green tea?

In order to understand what is the action of tea on human health, it is first necessary to understand that the drink contains.

• Drink contains a lot of polyphenols – a chemical substance having the properties of an antioxidant, and which gives the tea a bitter taste.

• 6 main polyphenol in green tea known to us under his name – catechins. This substance in green tea is much more than, for example, in a black Chinese tea.

• The most active catechins in the beverage is epigallocatechin (EGCG).

• The drink also contains alkaloids, for example, caffeine (black tea its concentration more) that gives the tea a stimulating properties.

Is green tea helpful?

Exactly the same way about other natural medicinal substances, the question about the benefits of tea beverage still remains open. While many studies claim that tea has healing properties, along with other institutions, for example, the national Institute of Health, USA, believe that this statement is still not enough evidence. But, despite the fact that there is a need for further research on this issue, still in green tea pronounced beneficial effect on our health.

Cardiovascular disease.

Several studies have shown that green tea reduces the risk of heart attack and coronary arterial diseases. The results obtained prove that the drink reduces the level of cholesterol, although pressure tea has no effect. But in the USA there is a prohibition to print on the packaging of green tea information on what green tea supposedly helps the heart.

Studies on the effect of tea on people cancer patients is controversial, although in animals the results are much more convincing. At the moment in the world conducted several experiments with the extract of catechins, in order to prove the positive effect of the drink on the cancer.

The loss of excess weight.

Several researchers concluded that green tea or tablets its extract improve metabolism and help burn fat, but scientists cannot come to a consensus on this issue. Together with the mentioned properties, tea helps to cope with stress. diabetes and diseases of the brain, protects from UV rays and viral infections. But so far, scientists do not give specific recommendations on how you can reduce weight.

How much advisable to drink green tea?

After reading the positive influence of green tea on the body, there is a reasonable question – how many cups of tea you need a day to drink? Here you can act quite freely. Tea you can drink all you want, but the recommended amount is 3-4 cups a day.

How to make green tea?

Useful to drink freshly prepared tea, after 3-5 minutes of welding time is the time when catechins are activated and secreted from the leaves. The older the leaves, the less they contain catechin. Tea, which reduced the amount of caffeine and tea in plastic bottles contains less nutrients, but pills green tea extract in this sense are equal to just brewed tea. In order to talk about positive action, a day to be learned from 250-400 mg tea polyphenol (about 3 cups).

Adding milk does for tea?

Although green tea can be drunk without milk, one study found that milk blocks the positive effects of catechin and black tea and green tea. However, in other studies this claim is rejected.

Can green tea be harmful?

Tea contains several active substances, such as caffeine, which may cause several complications, for example, rapid heartbeat or insomnia in some people. Caffeine usually gets into the placenta and into the mother’s milk, so pregnant women and young mothers in the breastfeeding green tea not to drink.

Also drink contains tannins that slow down the assimilation of iron from fruits and vegetables. However, drinking tea with lemon (the factor of vitamin ) this process can be prevented.

There are many medications, which are not desired to be consumed together with green tea because part of the tea caffeine. Among these medicines separately you need to pay attention to adenosine, antibiotics, beta-lactam, aspirin, benzodiazepin, medicines, contributing to the wrapping of the blood, chemotherapy substances, clozapine, ephedrine, lithium, oral contraceptives and phenylpropanolamine.