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Ginger tea for weight loss

The structure of the root that is popular in the East of the plant contains gingerol and shogaol. These components of the essential oil and give ginger tea for weight loss wonderful properties. They warm us from the inside that activates all processes and blood circulation, and metabolism, and digestion. In other words, drink “heats”

already existing fat deposits, simultaneously filling the body with essential trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Recipes tea is simple and all the ingredients required to make them available to each of us.

Tips for tea with ginger

In the store, choose a small root plants (plum), so as long as it does not store the maximum benefit contains only fresh product.

Doctors and nutritionists recommend to consume the drink in small portions. On the first day, drink 50 ml in the second – 100, etc. always listen to your body – if there is an unpleasant or painful sensation, so this method of weight loss can be dangerous for you.

Brew ginger can not only with water but also with green or black tea – this will enhance the taste of the drink.

When the beverage is brewed, it is desirable to drain. Then he will be too strong and tart.

Because ginger drink has an invigorating effect, it is not recommended to use at night.

If you are not allergic to honey, add this useful product of beekeeping in tea, but not hot, but warm. Or just take a spoonful of honey and seize them drink.

Many do not put lemon. Per Cup (200 ml) is enough small slices of citrus.

With the ginger also try not to overdo it. If the first taste of the prepared tea will seem very luscious, the following portion put fewer spine.

Recipes for weight loss

Any of the following recipes tea is great as the main popular beverage diet ginger. Choose the option that suits your taste.

Recipe 1. Grate ginger root (30 g) on a fine grater, put in a thermos and pour a glass of hot water. Let the drink sit for half an hour and drink it before meals. This tea stimulates the production of gastric juice, thus promoting quick digestion of food.

Recipe 2. Finely chop the ginger and garlic – 10 g of each ingredient. Put in a thermos, pour hot water (250 ml). After 15 minutes the tea is ready for consumption. Due to the use in the composition of garlic drink has a higher fat burning effect.

Recipe 3. The proportions of the ingredients for this ginger tea: peppermint – 60 g ground cardamom – a pinch chopped ginger root 2 tbsp of the mince Mixture in a blender, pour boiling water (400-500 ml) and leave for half an hour. Add the prepared lemon tea and orange juice (80 and 50 ml, respectively) and honey (to taste).

Recipe 4. This ginger tea will help to lose a few extra pounds, without irritating the stomach lining. RUB on a small grater 10 g of root, add a teaspoon of loose leaf green tea and pour hot (80 degrees) water. Leave for 15 minutes. In ready to drink if you wish, add a teaspoon of honey.

Recipe 5. The evening slice into thin wafers, ginger root (10-15 g), put in a thermos and pour boiling water (750 ml). The next morning on an empty stomach drink 1 or 2 glasses of drink. To enhance the effect, prepare the morning herbal decoction (cowberry leaves, mint, chamomile) and spread them tea in a 1:1 ratio.


Before you drink ginger slimming, make sure that this product you are not contraindicated. This method is absolutely not suitable for those who have:

gastro-intestinal tract;

individual intolerance;

diseases of the biliary tract and liver;

problems with the cardiovascular system;


Reviews losing weight

Catherine, 28 years. My whole life is a tireless fight against obesity. You lose weight, re-gain. Apparently, problems with metabolism. But the best results I helps to achieve a ginger tea. Put in it all – and lemon, and honey, and garlic. Muck rare, but in 2 months diet ginger I usually take up to 10-15 kg. Then relax, lazy and everything is new.

Olga, 31 years. Lovely tea, and for its specific taste and can be used to. Add in drink honey – very tasty it turns out. Use usually, those recipes where you have to cook the spine – so it goes almost all the bitterness and useful properties remain.

Marina, 21 years. Going to be her maid of honour. Looking for a quick way to get in shape. A month before the celebration started drinking ginger tea. Prepared according to different recipes, not bored. Three weeks passed, and on the scales is 5 kg. Great!