Ginger tea for pohudeniya

Ginger tea came to our country from the East, by tradition, I advise anyone who wants to lose weight.

Ginger on Tibetan beliefs attributed to the hot foods that speed metabolism, warm, stimulate blood circulation. But modern medicine says that ginger tea works thanks contained in ginger essential oil and increase the metabolism. Besides ginger allows the skin to stay longer young, so in

the body of a woman, he should always be.

The tea recipes for weight loss

Put in a thermos, thinly sliced piece of ginger, pour some boiling water and drink throughout the day. If you eat normally, drink it whenever you like, if you sit on a diet, drink tea half an hour before meals.

Cut thin strips of ginger, fill it with water and over low heat bring to a boil, cook for about 25 minutes. Let it cool to body temperature and add in ginger tea with honey and lemon juice.

Hollywood stars in the 2nd recipe add herbs. For example, demi Moore drinking tea, but also adds to it honey, lemon, mint or lemon balm. To improve the work of the kidneys, bladder, combine ginger tea with a little piece of cranberries.

Recommended for those who want to reduce excess weight. This recipe consists of 1 part garlic cloves, ginger and 20 parts of water. Insist 25 minutes in a thermos, filter and take the whole day.

Important points for weight loss

Ginger tea is used not only when losing weight, but it can be used constantly, brewing with green or black tea. Drinking tea with honey, honey you eat with a spoon or diluted in warm infusion. Enough to put one slice of lemon into the Cup. In the use of ginger tea for weight loss, it should be filtered or infusion will be very rich. Better this tea at night not to drink, as it invigorates. When preparing tea for weight loss chop the ginger should be very thin petals. Enough for 2 liters to take a piece of ginger the size of a small plum.

For those who suffer from pressure or are over 30 years old, well take ginger tea with rose hips. This tea helps with problems of gynecology, cancer cells, cleanses the blood vessels.

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