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Ginger Chai

According to the teachings of Ayurveda ginger tea activates in the human body hot “Yang” energy. No wonder he and other spicy products, instantly warmed. Especially by the way have ginger tea in the winter time – period, rhinitis, colds and low immunity.

Useful properties of ginger are due to the fact that he was rich:

vitamins C, B1, B2 and A,

trace elements (sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc),

amino acids (tryptophan, threonine, Leysin, methionine, phenylalanine, valine).

Recipe of ginger tea can be different. In particular it differs depending on what purpose you use it – to maintain strength, as a beverage or as a medicine.

But in any case, ginger tea improves digestion because it promotes development of gastric juice and relieves pain in the abdomen, with inflammatory properties, improves metabolism. Ginger tea is good for blood circulation, the respiratory system. It has expectorant, tonic, warming, antiemetic effect. Due to the fact that it makes the food more digestible and gives it an interesting flavour, there are so many recipes with ginger .

To prepare ginger tea you will need:

fresh or dried ginger,



mint leaves,

black pepper in powder form,

lemon or orange juice, ideally freshly squeezed.

Please note, in order to maximize the beneficial properties of ginger . better to take fresh ginger, for example, grown at home. The root should be firm, not shriveled and clean. If you use dried, then take 2 times less ginger and cook a little longer, because dried ginger even more active and sharp.

The classic recipe of ginger tea implies it is the jam of ginger root. To do this, cut a piece of ginger (as they say in India, per liter of water you need to take ginger the size of your thumb) about 4 – 5 cm long, peel it (the skin should be cut as thin as possible, because the most useful components is located immediately beneath it), then cut, and the better to RUB on a small grater. Bring water to a boil and put the ginger, then cook it on slow fire for about 10 minutes, add black pepper in the cooking process. To enhance the beneficial properties of ginger . after removing from the heat and straining it add to our “brew” a couple teaspoons of sugar or lemon (or both), 1/3 of pressed lemon or orange. This is the way I advise you to prepare ginger tea . if you want to use it as a remedy for colds. It will not only warm you but also cheer, delight their healing properties, pleasant aroma and cheerful “Sunny” color.

If your goal is to prepare a medicinal drink, you can do more simple and quick recipe of ginger tea . For example, you can also add grated ginger to boiling water, but not boil, and immediately remove from heat.

Another way is to put in a regular Cup with about one tablespoon of ginger, again lemon or orange juice, honey, sugar, then pour all this water at room temperature. The circle should be filled about 1/4. Then ginger tea is filled to the brim with hot but not boiling water. Let the tea infuse for about 5 minutes, then it can be drunk. This drink is more soft and gentle and is good for toning the body, for preventing the common cold. And due to the fact that we are not “poison” the ingredients with boiling water, the beneficial properties of ginger . lemon and honey are preserved intact.

The laziest possible to advise to buy in a store of spices ginger powder. It should just pour hot water, let stand and it’s ready to drink. However, you should definitely take into account that the powder is much sharper than fresh ginger, after all, is the spice in its purest form! So handle it very carefully. For example, for a first time try to brew no more than 1 teaspoon of powder without slides. In the future, focusing on their taste preferences, the dose can be increased.

By the way, ginger powder, and essential oil of ginger is very useful for cosmetic purposes. For example, you can add it to homemade warming anti-cellulite body wraps or masks for hair growth.