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Eastern sweets

For Western man East – exotic, manifested in everything: religion, worldview, customs, and cuisine. Eastern world is very different from ours, perhaps that is why he is so interesting. Lovers of delicious East primarily draws its Eastern desserts, sweets and pastries. This will be discussed in this article.

Eastern sweets – confections of Central Asian, Caucasian and Arab cuisine, the distinctive feature of which is the addition of spices, nuts, raisins, candied fruits, spices and honey.

Eastern pastries varied, tasty and nutritious, so popular in the world. Different varieties of Oriental sweets around 200. Everything is quite difficult to list and describe in one article, so we will try to classify them and to highlight only the most popular. Let’s see what is there Oriental sweets.

Kinds of Oriental sweets

1) Paste – the name of the group of Oriental sweets made from sugar, flour and nuts. Additional ingredients of halva can be honey, cinnamon, vanilla or fruit essence and others. Typically, the paste is prepared as follows: sugar or honey boiled syrup to which is added the nuts, parallel to this in a pan fry in oil the flour, then mix and allow to cool. Sometimes flour is added directly to the syrup when it is ready, pour the obtained dense mass on a baking tray greased with butter. After the paste has cooled it is cut and served to the table.

Varieties of halva and a great many everyone has their own recipe and way of cooking. Here are some of the names of this Oriental sweets: sesame Halva”, “Resid-halva-Azerbaijan”, “Gries paste”, “AK-halva Turkmen”, “Arishta-halva Armenian”, “Liquid paste”, “Paste-laws Tajik”, “walnut Halva (Arabic)”, “Halva with vanilla, Pistachio halva, Halva with milk in Uzbek”.

2) Baklava – a cake with nut filling diamond shape. Baklava is very tasty Oriental sweetness, which is like almost everything. This dish is cooked in a small pan or in the pan, billet before cooking cut into pieces in the form of rhombs, during baking, making a break to add oil, after cooking baklava sprinkled with honey or sugar syrup with spices to give the dish a unique taste.

There are many varieties of baklava, which differ in ingredients and proportions in which they are used. Here are some of the varieties of this Oriental sweets: Baklava-arishta”, “Sheki pakhlava”, “Baku baklava”, “Sweet baklava”.

3) Cookies – Oriental sweet flour-based with the addition of different ingredients, such as vanilla, figs, apricots, raisins, nuts, honey and other. The dough is usually prepared traditionally made of flour, eggs, butter, sugar, with the addition of soda.

The most famous Oriental sweet type biscuits – “Kurabe”. But apart from it there are many other varieties of this Eastern dessert for tea. such as: “Cerci”, “Watert”, “Maker-Puri”, “Shirvani-Nan”, “Peach cookies”, “Nazuk with sharanam Armenian”, “Bolsters”, “Kate Yerevan”, “Kada”, “Sellah”, “Basketo”, “Oriental Vanilla cookies” and other.

4) Roasted sweet Oriental products – a group of Oriental sweets, cooked in deep fat. Culinary product entirely immersed in oil heated to a temperature of 160-180 degrees Celsius. For deep frying used vegetable oil, as butter not withstand the high temperature and acquire a bitter taste.

Before diving in butter with pastry shaken off the excess flour to prevent it sticking, in the roasting process, the product should be turned periodically with a spatula for even roasting, and after cooking, remove from fryer and place on the mesh to give the fat to drain. Subsequently, the product glazes and otherwise decorated.

The most famous Oriental sweets, deep-fried are “Wood” and “Chuck-Chuck”. They are so delicious – yum. But besides them deep fried cooked “meat pies with almond filling, biscuits Oriental shaving “Strips “Honey fingers”, “Pilita Tajik and other sweets.

5) the cakes, Oriental sweets for biscuit, cake and other materials traditionally used in the preparation of cakes, pastries, and rolls. A distinctive feature of Eastern cakes is the use as a filling of nuts and tropical fruits. In addition Oriental flavor of the sweet combination of certain ingredients in the right proportions and the particular method of preparation.

Driving East, you can meet East cakes, rolls and pastries following items “Matlof with whipped cream”, “Almond loaf”, “Nut loaf” cake “East marshmallows, cake “Sakarpura” and others. The Eastern varieties of cakes.

6) Pastries from pastry – Oriental sweet flour-based with the addition of nuts, dried and fresh fruit. On the Eastern part of baking is not very different from the European. The originality she basically gives an unusual form, some types of pastries are served in the form of balls, which is not typical of European butter pastry.

There are several types of Oriental pastries: “Nan Barda”, “Naan Bukhara”, “Cakes with persimmon Turkmen”, “shaker-Choker”, “Gata Artsakh”, “Gata Yerevan” and others.

7) Caramel – Eastern dessert made of sugar-based with the addition of nuts, dried fruit, flavors. Oriental caramel is very tasty, nutritious and high-calorie. The most famous Oriental sweets type of caramel are brittles, roasted nuts from almonds, almonds in sugar, navat.

Brittles – Eastern sweets with a high content of nuts: almonds, sesame, cashew, etc. Is a rectangular pieces of nuts in caramel. Roasted nuts like brittles, with the only difference that it adds significantly less nuts. Coriander – Eastern culinary product white type of caramel with the content nogul seed. Navat representing a smooth, transparent crystals of sucrose accrued on the threads. Kamalak – the product is round shape, reminiscent of jelly beans, with the addition of apricot kernel.

9) Soft candy – Eastern culinary products made from sugar and flour with the addition of nuts or dried fruits. Most popular: nougat, Turkish delight, candied nuts, candied fruit.

Delight – the sweetness of the jelly-like consistency, made from flour and sugar with the addition of various nuts. Nougat is a confection syrup, sugar, honey and molasses with the addition of nuts. Nougat is stretchy, soft and hard. Sorbet is made with fruit and cream-based color fondant with nuts. Candied fruit is boiled in sugar syrup fruit pieces.

8) other desserts – sweets for tea on breast, cottage cheese, fruit basis. They make use of fruits such as peaches, quinces, apricots, apples. And nuts such as peanuts, almonds. Also sometimes used other ingredients: melon, raisins and more.

Eastern desserts include “Apples stuffed with raisins”, “Balls of melon”, “peanut Balls”, “Balls almond, Candy, quince, Peaches with cottage cheese filling”, “quince Dessert and others.”

As you can see, varieties of Oriental sweets are a huge variety and they are all delicious and unusual. They want to try everything at once. Here only they are made mostly from sugar and flour with nuts, then there is a very high-calorie ingredients, so if you want to keep your figure, it’s best to limit yourself in their consumption. Just a few pieces a day to appreciate their amazing taste and eat. Bon appetit!