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Diet, weight loss secrets

His successful career owes curvy figure – charming “doughnut” conquered the audience, playing in the TV series “Voronin” and “Not born beautiful”. Today, on the mount of Directors, our heroine seriously decided to lose weight – diet Yulia Courtenay has already claimed 22 kg and the

actress is not willing to stop there.


Julia until a certain time not a bit worried about curvy forms. She began to gain weight immediately after marriage, but her husband did not rebuke his beloved wife.

During pregnancy Kuvarzina scored 12 kg, after the birth of daughter Lisa, our heroine still gained weight – she ate “two” to adore the child did not experience any shortage of breast milk. But even “floated” the figure forced her to stop and rethink the diet.

This continued up until the height was 165 cm she didn’t weigh 90 lbs. At this point, the actress realized that to ignore the extra weight should not – it is fraught with health problems.

Another point, which forced it to reconsider its attitude to his own figure, became a joint with her daughter descend the ice hill – Julia suddenly realized that may inadvertently hurt the child (seats on the Board-the snow saucer down an ice used instead of sleds, lacked).

Weight loss secrets of Julia Courtenay

Deciding to lose weight, Yulia turned to a popular star in circles dietitian Margarita Queen. Because the specialist creates individual methods of weight loss, the process of getting rid of excess weight went fast enough. To lose twenty two kilos Yulia took only three months.

In addition to dietary restrictions, our heroine followed the training regime – she regularly engaged in fitness and swimming. In addition, the actress visited a sauna and massages .

Nutrition recommendations

Julia ate fractional (up to six times a day), but very small portions (no more than 250 grams). After 19.00 trips to the kitchen was completely excluded – Julia allowed herself only water. Every morning (before Breakfast) actress ate a tablespoon of olive oil. The Queen has developed for Yulia individual menu, which included a rotation of different products.

The basis of the diet Yulia was protein products (fish, poultry, boiled eggs, cheese). Alcohol, sugar, salt, animal fats, pastries, forbidden. Once a week she was allowed to indulge in a slice of bitter chocolate. Three times a day, you could drink water with 1 teaspoon of natural honey.

In addition to protein, the actress ate vegetables and fruits (except bananas and grapes). During the day she drank water, green, herbal and fruit tea (but not earlier than half an hour after eating). Black tea, forbidden. Liquid diet included at least 2-2.5 litres of liquid.

Times a week diet Yulia included unloading on unsalted boiled rice, kefir okroshka or vegetables.

Sample menu Yulia Courtenay

Upon waking: 1 tbsp olive oil

Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese (about 100 g), a portion of a light fruit salad without dressing, herbal tea

Second Breakfast: boiled eggs (1-2 PCs), Mandarin

Lunch: fish fillet in boiled form and a green Apple

Snack: Turkey fillet in boiled form

Dinner: stewed cabbage, tomato, green tea

Diet Yulia Courtenay, judging by the “new” figure actress, ensures quick weight loss. This is not surprising: lean protein foods really helps to adjust the shape.