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Diet milkshake

You think to achieve the perfect form you can only sitting on a diet, and systematically eating tasteless, bland foods?

Not true, build your body with pleasure, and this will help you a milkshake.

It’s tasty, healthy, and sometimes just need the body.

What a milkshake?

A milkshake can come to your aid for the recruitment of muscle mass, during physiological lack of protein, for example, during pregnancy, to reduce the amount of fat under the skin, replace high-calorie foods, thus helping to lose weight and saturating the body with essential amino acids.

The influence of milkshake on the human body

•improved immune function. All antibodies to various diseases, in fact, eat proteins, so protein is a major component of the human immune system;

•milkshake is indispensable for the prevention of malignant tumors. The fact that the protein neutralizes free radicals, which in a huge number are formed in the human body daily;

•is an excellent material for the formation of muscles, so to achieve the perfect figure and to keep your muscle tone;

•because the protein itself is not power, will allow to stay in good physical shape, as forces the body to consume subcutaneous fat;

•milkshake is a good helper in the restoration of bone tissue, for example, after fractures;

•milkshake is assigned when some diseases of the cardiovascular and digestive system.

Milkshake allows you to fight with many problems of the body, but do not forget that it is only effective in conjunction with exercise, namely active sports.

Features cooking milkshake

Typically, a milkshake is distributed in powder form before use and should be brought to a liquid state.

If you want to get rid of extra pounds, milkshake needs to be diluted with water.

For those who want to quickly gain muscle mass or to help the body recover after an illness, a milkshake should be prepared on the basis of milk.

Milkshake recipe at home

1 classic milkshake recipe

We present you a classic milkshake recipe that you can prepare at home.

You will need:

•250 ml of milk;

•100 g of cottage cheese;

The preparation of this cocktail is very simple. Run all the ingredients in a blender, shake it up – the milkshake is ready!

•150 grams of fresh fruit;

•100 g of yogurt;

•10 g of powdered sugar;

•2 ice cubes.

The preparation of this milkshake: blend in a blender all the ingredients and serve in glasses with ice cubes and garnish with currant berries.

5 milkshake recipe with honey

•100 ml of cold boiled milk;

•50 ml orange juice;

•50 g of honey.

Mix everything together in a blender, pour in cups and enjoy!

You can change the recipes milkshakes on your own: choose other berries and fruits – and receive every day a new taste!

Contraindications to a milkshake

Although milkshakes have many advantages and can help the body in fighting and preventing various diseases and problems before their active use of mandatory consultation of the doctor. The fact that proteins contain large amounts of amino acids that have a strong impact on the human endocrine system, and this can be harmful in some individual diseases.