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The beneficial properties of cocoa

Cocoa. How is it useful? Look, the use of cocoa:

P aervoe property:

Phenylethylamine contains. Phenylethylamine is an antidepressant such very “not modest”.

In which the property:

Barrier is for cariaso-occurrence”. Though considered by some that cocoa destroys teeth.

T rate property useful cocoa:

To lose weight often helps? You really surprised? The fact that napiecek this feeling of satiety quickly gives.

The face is very rejuvenating. Is “cocoa homologically”:

Cocoa is diluted with milk to partobrazovane.

A little quite of vegetable oil is added to the mass pasteurization.

On the neck, on the face mixture is applied.

After twenty minutes and washed off the mask with water and a cotton disk.

From aging “takes”. Especially women, because the drink is a love, mostly girls and women exactly.

Brain, thanks to the wonderful drink, starts to work as it should, and even much better.

The epicatechin contains. The substance is from stroke, cancer, diabetes, protects each person.

Kopeinig in itself contains by blocking depression that copeinca. “Leave” a person who loves cocoa, any form of depression.

Very quickly restores muscles all tired after workouts sports. Therefore, when stretching the muscle helps cocoa.

D esate useful property:

Cough suppresses, because it contains a lot of theobromine, which is “engaged in” suppressing it.

About odinnadcatoe:

Blood flow to the lungs improves. How? Massage involving cocoa – oil, for example. About this oil many have heard, apparently.

A lot of “joyful” harmonica there are in a drink. The endorphins! Because of this nazvaniya and is of this hormone.

Cocoa holds the “right” stimulation of the nervous system, as there is in cocoa substance such as theophylline. i