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Cocoa benefits and harms, caloric

Useful properties

Extremely useful cocoa presence of a powerful antidepressant – phenylethylamine, improves mood and which brings a person out of depression.

The ancient drink of the Aztecs inherent regenerative effect, it effectively restores the power of the people in the recent past suffered from any colds or infectious diseases. The presence of potassium in cocoa is useful for

relief of symptoms of heart failure. In cocoa contains unsaturated fatty acids, regulates the level of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Regular consumption of the beverage improves the functioning of the brain, stimulates cerebral circulation, normalizes blood pressure. For this reason, doctors there is a great use of cocoa in the fight against impaired blood flow in the cerebral vessels. Drinking it is acknowledged to be useful in the prevention of stroke.

Thanks to the rich content of antioxidants consumption of cocoa prevents cancer and slows aging. Moreover, it is noticed that cocoa is useful for its healing properties. That is, of course, cocoa is not necessary to put on cuts and grazes. Just when drinking it faster they are tightened. In addition, practice shows that people drinking cocoa, inflammatory processes cease.

The product is effectively used in the prevention of sunburn. The latter property is due to the high content of melanin in the product. Along with this cocoa accelerates metabolism and activates protein synthesis and enzymes, which ensures the normal operation of the cells. The undoubted benefits of cocoa is its positive effect on the functioning of the respiratory system.

According to experts cocoa is very beneficial to adolescents during puberty. Therefore the use, for example, familiar to all advertising children’s breakfasts containing cocoa, is welcome, as is the power and energy needed for normal physical and, importantly, intellectual development.

Harm cocoa

However, there are certain limitations, that is, with all the virtues useful cocoa not all. For example, in the presence of cocoa purine compounds does not allow you to eat for gout and kidney abnormalities.

Harm cocoa is manifested in the children, whose age does not exceed three years, since the consumption of the drink, excited, nervous system. Older children cocoa can be given but it must be diluted with milk or cream. Considering the exciting action of cocoa recommended its use during Breakfast or, at the very least, an afternoon snack. For dinner it is better not to drink.

It is not recommended to consume the drink in diarrhea and constipation. Should be deleted cocoa from the diet of patients with diabetes mellitus and atherosclerosis. And if we talk about this product in General, the significant benefits of cocoa will not turn negative, if not be taken in its use. However, it is possible to tell not only about cocoa, and any other product.