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Cocktails with cognac

Cocktails with brandy became popular in the mid-twentieth century, first brandy was just diluted with mineral water and tonic water to reduce the fortress. Gradually, the recipe was refined, turning into a real alcoholic masterpieces. We present to your attention the 10 best options in version.

Despite the variety and complexity of taste, brandy is an excellent basis for the preparation of many cocktails, you only need to choose the right ingredients. In cocktails with brandy often add the liqueurs, fruit juices, champagne, cream, coffee and vermouth. The strength of most of the drinks – 12-30 degrees.

1. English “champagne cocktail”

Drink famous successful combination of cognac champagne in which the integrity of each component is not destroyed, and complements the taste. In 1889 this cocktail of authorship legendary bartender Harry Johnson won the gold medal at the competition in new York, we also gave him the championship.


champagne – 100 ml;

cognac 20 ml;

brown sugar 1 cube;

the Angostura bitters (bitters) – 2-3 drops.


1. Put in a champagne glass sugar cube, drop on it 2-3 drops of bitters, wait until the sugar will absorb the tincture.

2. Pour the cognac and champagne.

3. Optional cocktail can decorate with a slice of orange.

The champagne cocktail

The only drawback “champagne cocktail” – for its preparation required the Venezuelan Angostura bitters. It is unlikely he will be tending bar most readers, but this bitter tincture can easily be purchased in Russian online stores.

A simple cocktail, which perfectly combine the brandy and cream. Has a nice sweet creamy taste with a hint of peach.


cognac 20 ml;

cream – 40 ml;

peach liqueur – 20 ml;

banana – half.

chocolate chips.

Recipe: cool banana liqueur, brandy and cream, whisking them in a blender and pour into a glass. Sprinkle with chocolate chips.


Dessert fruit cocktail with a tart taste and beautiful appearance.


brandy – 30 ml;

orange juice – 30 ml;

raspberries – 1 tablespoon;

orange – 1 slice.

Recipe: in a blender mix the raspberries, brandy and orange juice, pour the drink into a tall glass. Top with a slice of orange.


4. “White delight”

Alcoholic banana milkshake with brandy and ice cream. Has a slight milk taste.


ice cream (cream or butter) – 250 g;

milk – 130 ml;

ripe banana – 1 piece;

brandy 25 ml.


1. Peel the banana and cut it into small slices.

2. In a blender mix milk and ice cream.

3. Add to the blender with the banana and brandy, beat again until smooth.

4. Pour the cocktail into the glass and serve with a straw.

For decoration you can use a slice of orange, banana or kiwi.

White delight

5. Honeymoon

Original cocktail with cognac-orange flavor, perfectly suitable for cooking at home.


cognac – 40 ml;

liqueur Cointreau 10 ml;

white wine – 10 ml.

Recipe: mix all ingredients in a shaker and pour the cocktail into the pre-chilled glass.


6. “Brandy Martini”

Cocktail, perfectly combining Martini brandy and fruit juice. Due to a moderate strength and sweet taste is considered a women’s drink.


cognac 20 ml;

Martini Bianco – 25 ml;

mango juice, grapefruit or peach – 20 ml.

Recipe: mix in a shaker all the ingredients together with some ice cubes, pour into a Martini glass, top with olive.

A similar cocktail can be prepared on the basis of red or pink Martini, in this case mango juice (peach) is replaced with orange or lemon.

For cocktails with Martini there is a requirement that each subsequent dose should be weaker than the previous one. The strength of the drink is reduced by adding more fruit juice.

Brandy Martini

7. “Chocolate dream”

Sweet alcoholic cocktail, reminiscent of chocolate ice cream.


brandy – 30 ml;

cream (35% fat) – 30 ml;

chocolate liqueur – 30 ml.

Recipe: in a blender mix all the ingredients together with some ice cubes, pour into a wine glass.

Chocolate dream

Group of hot cocktails, in which, besides cognac and coffee can be added milk, cinnamon, orange peel and other ingredients. The best recipes we looked at earlier, but now let us consider the most simple of them.


coffee – 1 Cup;

brandy – 2 teaspoons;

sugar – 1-2 teaspoons.

Preparation: in a Cup of brewed coffee add the brandy and sugar, mix well.

Coffee with brandy

9. “Green dragon”

Strong cocktail with a pleasant minty taste.


cognac – 40 ml;

absinthe 10 ml;

creme de menthe – 10 ml.

Recipe: mix all ingredients in a shaker and pour into a well chilled glass.

Green dragon

This cocktail is approximately equal to the number of supporters and opponents. Although he is not very refined taste, but very popular among young people and easy to prepare. That is why we included it in the ratings, giving the honorary tenth place.

There are several varieties of cognac and coke, some recipes also add coffee and lemon juice, but we will consider only the classic version.


brandy — 50 ml;

Cola – 50 ml;

the ice cubes.

Preparation: fill glass with ice, add the brandy and coke.

Cola with cognac