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Cinnamon sticks (Ceylon)

Use cinnamon in a person’s life

A great assistant in the fight against many diseases

The most useful is considered Ceylon cinnamon, you can buy it in powdered state or in the form of sticks. In our store offers a very convenient package. Product manufacturer is a well-known Austrian company SONNENTOR.

Therefore, buying our products, You can be sure that you purchase the natural seasoning of the highest quality.

Cinnamon plays a big role in a person’s life, just not everyone knows how and when it should be consumed. If You have a cold, mix a tablespoon of warm honey with a quarter teaspoon ground Ceylon cinnamon and take three times a day. This will help get rid of the debilitating cough.

Many doctors advise to take this seasoning at diseases of kidneys due to its diuretic properties. In many gastrointestinal diseases it is recommended to use before eating cinnamon with honey. This mixture will help Your body to digest heavy food for him.

To reduce the risk of heart attack can for Breakfast eat a piece of bread and smeared it with honey, sprinkled with cinnamon. If You want to lose weight, here in combination with honey, Ceylon cinnamon, which you can buy from us, will come to the rescue. Just need to regularly drink tea in the basis of preparation which is a mixture of honey and cinnamon.

Useful this tea and arthritis. Recommended cinnamon with honey for older people as a tool that improves vitality of the body and improves concentration.

Seasoning can even wound sprinkle as a great antiseptic.

The use of cinnamon in cooking

Mostly cinnamon used for cooking desserts and baking, as a flavoring agent. Many gourmets cook with cinnamon coffee.

The most sweet and delicate aroma of Ceylon cinnamon, so mostly it is used in cooking. This seasoning blends well with other spices.

Cinnamon has one unique property – it can help to decontaminate the products that have been infected with Escherichia coli. So experts recommend mandatory to add seasoning in fresh juices and any perishable food.

A little cinnamon is very substantially improves the taste of fatty meat. The most popular this seasoning is used when cooking Chinese, Arabic and Indian cuisine.

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