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Not tea tea. In this strange at first glance phrase is an unusual collection of exclusive drinks, which gives a chance to fans of diversity to find new passions. Infusions of herbs, leaves, bark or flower petals has been venerated tea and gourmet for the delicious taste and numerous medicinal properties.

The most famous among not tea maté teas . South American analogue of the traditional drink. Made from the leaves or young shoots of the common in those parts of the tree of Holly Paraguayan, he has a peculiar bitter

taste, delicate aroma and the ability to positively affect the psychological state. Fans of the rituals should buy and farm tools for the Mat: decorative patterns of the Calabash, a vessel for freshly brewed infusion and a silver bombilla, a special tube through which it is customary to drink this magic potion. But to assess the true taste «Paraguay tea”, it is important to come to making it. For this dry leaf was first moistened small portions of cold water and then topped up to the edge of the dish of hot (80 ° C). Then immediately proceed to the tasting and enjoy the changes of the original flavor with each another leisurely SIP.

Rooibos . or elixir of the Bushmen, – popular African guest tea ceremonies. Similar to needles, the leaves of this unique red shrub have long been used to make a refreshing and very tonic drink. In the South African tribes, this plant was considered a gift of a higher power and is a source of health and longevity, and modern researchers have shown that infusion contains significant amounts of vitamins and antioxidants. Unlike Chinese teas, Rooibos is not just brewed, and is subjected to vexation, for example in a thermos, or boiled. But to get even and visual enjoyment, is to cook it in a glass, this beverage has a stunning color that its connoisseurs to compare with the color of dusk.

Common in different parts of the world not tea teas actually quite a lot. This hibiscus . erroneously referred by many as red tea, and Lapacho . the original drink made from the bark, growing in the jungle Pau d’arco, and considered to be extremely useful Chinese Kudin .

But not all enjoy foreign drinks: there are among commanding the attention of gourmet infusions and our domestic herbal tea. Fireweed is known to almost everyone under the name fireweed . for several centuries was a favorite drink in Russia. Up until the First world war, fermented Ivan-tea was exported in large quantities under the name of Koporye tea. Today is national drink is attracting increasing attention tea lovers, and his production is slowly reviving. Useful properties of fireweed list can be long: it is able to reduce the toxicity of the body, is rich in vitamins and minerals, strengthens the immune system and is a powerful antioxidant. The taste is not inferior to elite varieties of black tea, but unlike him, which undoubtedly will delight the owners of snow-white smile, it is not stain tooth enamel.