Black Cocoa Flavor Natural People Vitamins

Bitter chocolate composition and caloric content.

All chocolates have their own composition, method of preparation and unique properties – texture, the volume of cocoa, taste, characteristic. Therefore, using any of the recipes, you cannot combine one flavor of this dessert product with a different, denoting the proportions of the various ingredients that they contain. Otherwise, the

quality of the chocolate will be just spoiled.

Bitter chocolate (or, as it is called, black) is produced on the basis of cocoa butter and grated powder) and powdered sugar. By changing the ratio between them, usually get a unique taste characteristics of the final chocolate. For example, the higher the amount of cocoa mass, the more intensely bitter taste it has. And the more appreciated.

Ideally, bitter chocolate consists of cocoa natural to 72 percent . Used raw materials have to be of excellent quality – you’ll never do it to achieve a bitter taste. In low quality chocolate felt sour flavour, which indicates poor cocoa powder.

The feedstock for the sort of bitter chocolate is obtained only as a result of technologically complex processing of beans. He called alkalinities and helps to get the powder, not irritating food system. Such equipment is rare and sometimes even in large factories, not to mention small enterprises engaged in the manufacture of chocolates.

No wonder that dark chocolate is a group of dietary products . The low sugar content it has a bitter taste with a subtle salty tinge. In its composition, as a rule, do not include dairy products.

However, it can contain some toppings – usually a variety of nuts. Sweet same ingredients just dropped, and if you are offered dark chocolate with sweet content inside (filling) is nonsense and this product can not be classified to a category of bitter chocolate.

Calorie dark chocolate

Despite the fact that the composition of dark chocolate negligible amount of sugar, it still has a high caloric content due to the considerable content of cocoa butter . In General, 100 grams of such product has 539 calories. Therefore, in order not to increase the weight of his body because of addiction to this dessert, you should consume it with caution, respectively reducing the intake of any other food.

Overall, the nutritional value of 100 grams of dark chocolate high . It includes:

carbohydrates – 48.2 g;

di – and monosaccharides and 42.6 g;

protein – 6.2 g;

fiber food – 7.4 g;

ash 1.1 g;

water – 0.8 g;

the organic acid – 0.9 g;

starch – 5.6 g;

acids saturated fatty – 20.8 g;

fat – 35,4 g

In addition, it is rich in macro – and microelements:

iron is 5.6 mg;

phosphorus – 170 mg;

potassium – 363 mg;

sodium – 8 mg;

magnesium – 133 mg;

calcium – 45 mg.

Dark chocolate carries the body saturation and some vitamins (though in very small proportions): vitamin “E”, the equivalent of niacinamid (vitamin PP), vitamin “1”, vitamin “B2” vitamin “PP”.

Benefits of bitter chocolate

Researchers have proved that dark chocolate has the right to be called as healthy and able to provide assistance in solving the following problems:

improve insulin sensitivity, which significantly reduces the risk of diabetes;

normalization of blood supply to the brain by improving blood flow;

stabilization of cholesterol;

cure cardiac and vascular ailments.

Thus, after eating only one bar of dark chocolate, you can increase the blood circulation, repair the immune system. increase vitality and improve your mood . since he is also a great antioxidant.

In addition, cocoa has a positive effect on pressure in people suffering from overweight, as confirmed by the study of patients mass index (BMI) is in the range between obesity and presbytery weight.

Another fact of the study is that dark chocolate increases the property of the body in the absorption of sugar in the food . This is illustrated by a high content in chocolate antioxidant substances – flavonoids, which prevent the formation of blood clots, improving blood flow and strengthening the heart. The thing is that they have a neutralizing effect on the so-called “free radicals” that are potentially unsafe for cells and naturally arise in the course of metabolic processes.

Dark chocolate also paralyze inflammation . lowering the level of C-reactive protein, it does not allow him to develop, as confirmed by Italian scientists. In addition to the above, it reduces the production of stress hormone – cortisol. This can be achieved through the use of dark chocolate over the Crescent. And he is a great Energizer .

Damage dark chocolate

In General, any chocolate is not recommended for people with various metabolic disorders. But usually it most likely relates to chocolate milk and white, and not bitter, which, as installed, does not lead to drastic weight gain. Based on the opinions of nutritionists, harmful dark chocolate may be just at the threshold of consuming more than 25 grams a day.

The harm of dark chocolate would be even and if in the course of its manufacture was used vivid bass raw . To distinguish it simply: low-grade cocoa powder gives the final product a bitter taste and sour, thus negatively affecting the acidity of the stomach and can cause gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases. So the quality is the first and most important guarantee of security of bitter chocolate.