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Tea is a favorite drink of millions of people around the world. He is able not only to quench their thirst, but also to lighten the mood, and sometimes even to solve some health problems. There are many varieties of tea, each of which has unique features. But the recipes of this divine drink there are many books. We offer to Your attention some of the best, most relevant in the winter.


Ginger tea has a tonic property, it returns a clarity of thought, than for intellectual and creative professions. Ginger root promotes blood thinners, so many Eastern doctors believe that ginger refers to the means of prevention of tumors. Also ginger tea helps digestion and is very beneficial for skin color. In addition, the hot ginger tea with lemon is one of the best remedies for cold prevention.

1 liter of water

3 tbsp black tea

3 tbsp finely grated ginger

3 tbsp honey

1 pinch ground black pepper

1 lemon or orange

Chopped mint leaves (optional)


In boiling water to throw grated ginger. When a few moments he let it boil for, carefully drain into the Cup. Then add black tea, pepper, lemon (orange), mint and honey. Served hot!


Sea buckthorn is a storehouse of vitamins. It is twice more vitamin C than citrus fruits, and twice as much vitamin E than wheat oil. In the sea buckthorn and other vitamins and antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids are responsible for healthy and youthful looking skin. Tea made from sea buckthorn and honey is the best antidepressant. It’s proved by scientists, and we affirm. Sea buckthorn has also strong anti-inflammatory action. And it’s very, very tasty!

150 g of sea buckthorn

2 tbsp black tea

2 tbsp honey

500 ml of water


Sea buckthorn berry is well rinsed, 2/3 to suppress puree. In the kettle was put sea buckthorn puree remaining berries and black tea. Pour all the boiling water, wrap and let stand 10-15 minutes. Ready to pour tea through a strainer, adding honey to taste. You can prepare this drink without the addition of black tea.


Mint tea is a universal beverage. It can be drunk both cold and hot. In the morning he gives vivacity, lunch will add strength and help with digestion, and in the evening is relaxing. Try to prepare Moroccan mint tea is also very tasty.

1-2 cinnamon sticks

4 sprigs of cloves

Orange zest

Zest of lemon or lime

Dried ginger (3 slices)

1 lime

1-2 slices of brown sugar

A bunch of mint

3 tsp black loose leaf tea

500 ml of water


Cut with orange and lemon peel, cut into sticks, mint mash in your hand or mortar directly in the teapot. In a kettle, send 2 cinnamon sticks, add cloves, zest of orange and lemon, cut lemon or lime, ginger, 2 slices of brown sugar, mint, 3 tablespoons of tea and pour boiling water.


The rose hips are rich in vitamin C and tannins, a very beneficial influence on digestion. This tea helps to reduce excess cholesterol in the body. This composition tea from rose hips makes it an excellent tool to maintain immunity.

20 g of rose hips

15 g of honey

5 g lemon juice

200 ml of water


Dried rose hips crushed, pour boiling water, cook for 10 minutes in an enamel pot with the lid closed, then let it stand for 10 minutes. Drain the broth. Add honey, lemon juice.