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Barberry dried.

The Berberis vulgaris is used for cooking and for medicinal purposes. Whole dried berries of barberry is used as a seasoning in cooking Asian and Oriental cuisine. Crushed fruits as a condiment dishes of meat and additives to soups, sauces. When cooking green cabbage soup barberry adds instead of sorrel, for this approach as dried leaves and fruits. Barberry is a favorite ingredient when cooking pilaf goes well with legumes. In Caucasian and Asian cuisine the spice is added to sausages, kebab, shish kebab.

Zesty acidity and a pronounced taste of the spices infuse the dish a special flavor. From dried fruit of Berberis prepare healthful drinks. Some

people believe that eating berries on a few pieces a day for maintaining good health and prolongs youth. Cook, widely uses this seasoning when cooking culinary masterpieces, note that after the meal dishes with barberries people feel more cheerful and become happier. After two years of storage dried fruit is better not to use. To strengthen the immune system benefits of drinking freshly brewed beverage from barberry and tea.

The barberry shrub is quite unpretentious, cultivated in Russia in the Northern Caucasus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, is considered a shrub of the Ural mountains. Overall, in the barberry family of more than 170 species.

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that planted next to the house barberry attracts happiness in the house. Tibetan sages argued that the fruits and the branches of the Bush prolong life. We barberry revered since ancient times, people used to treat colds and to stop bleeding.

The berries of the barberry is rich in vitamin C, they contain acid – ascorbic, malic, citric, tartaric. They help cleanse the body, increase immunity, improve circulation. In the barberry contains the substance berberine, which is a cholagogue and assists the body in the fight against tobacco and alcohol.


Pregnancy, lactation. Be used with caution to people with low blood pressure.