Banana milk cocktail tropical treat.

Low calorie banana milkshake: recipe

For making banana milk shake 1 serving you will need:- 1 Cup chilled milk;- 1 ripe, but not overripe banana.

The cooking time of this banana-milkshake – 5 minutes

Method of preparation of this cocktail is very simple. Clearing the banana, cut him into pieces, and then mix in a blender with milk. Pour the finished cocktail in a pretty glass and drink healthy drink with pleasure.

The caloric content of this banana milk shake is only 71 calories.

Energy banana-milkshake: recipe

This nutritious and hearty banana milkshake is recommended to drink 1 hour before workout. To prepare this tonic drink for 1 serving you will need:- 1 Cup skim or soy milk;- 1 tsp high-quality instant coffee;- part 1/2 ripe banana.

Slice half the pulp of one banana. Beat with a mixer instant coffee and soy milk, pour the resulting mixture into a tall glass and garnish it with banana slices. Calories 1 serving of this banana milk shake is 214 calories.

Diet banana milkshake with pineapple

For cooking diet banana milkshake with pineapple serves 4 people rent:- 100 ml of milk;- 150 grams of natural yogurt; 1 Cup sliced pineapple;- 1 mango; 1/2 banana; 1 Cup ice;- 1 pinch of vanilla.

Ready banana milkshake, you can decorate slices of different fruits at its discretion

Grind in a blender mango, pineapple, banana and ice. Add the milk, vanilla and yogurt. How should whisk the milk mixture. Ready to drink pour into glasses and serve immediately. This banana milkshake, thanks to the content of pineapple, has effective fat burning effect.

Cooking diet banana milkshake: recommendations

For this cocktail the most appropriate temperature of milk +OS. You can use skim milk or replace it with natural yoghurt/ diet yogurt.

When cooking diet banana milkshake is important not to use sugar, or calorie content of the drink will increase to 250-300 calories. If desired, you can add in the banana milkshake a little natural cinnamon or vanilla to enrich the taste of the drink. Such additives will not make it high, because in the pinch of cinnamon contains only 10 calories, and a pinch of vanilla – 15 kcal.

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