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Baileys liqueur drink.

Baileys is a drink with a caramel taste and aroma of vanilla cream. Baileys unlike conventional sweets burns, you feel that you are glowing cheeks, eyes burn, my heart beats a little more often.

Rare woman does not love the aroma and taste of coffee, cream with vanilla, chocolate and caramel. Often men caring for any woman who wants to treat her fragrant cappuccino, a delicious ice-cream and cakes a La tiramisu .

After all, the period of courtship is often called the “honeymoon”. Today and Baileys is part of the popular attributes of seducing women. However, etiquette forbids to give a woman an alcoholic beverage, but the Beilis be given a special place. After all, he is perceived more as a dessert, not spirits.

Especially worth to buy Baileys for a romantic dinner. Baileys is the perfect accompaniment to any meal, any occasion. Especially towards the table at which you will meet a lot of women. Although, men also will not refuse to try gentle Baileys, but among them fans of the drink much less. But still, this Irish cream liqueur is considered a women’s drink.

Liquor composition Belis

Baileys is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world. In Russia you can often find the name “Bailey”, but correctly write and speak “Baileys” on the end of the letter “C”. Baileys Irish liqueur is comprised mostly of Irish whiskey and cream.

In addition to these components in the composition of Bailey’s liquor consists of sugar, vegetable oil (purified), vanilla, cocoa, caramel. Some types of this liquor are composed of coffee, mint and so on. Preservatives in liquor no. Cream due to the fact that they are perfectly mixed with alcohol, do not spoil.

Naturally, like all liqueurs, Baileys sugary-sweet-bitter taste. Baileys is the first cream liqueur. The year of its appearance Later, many manufacturers have also released a creamy caramel cream liqueur, but they failed to achieve such fame and popularity.

Baileys drink – the basic rules

After eating

First of all, remember that since Baileys is a liqueur, usually served after meals. To counter the digestive aperitif, i.e. those drinks that are served before eating. The task of the aperitif improvement of appetite, digestive – digestion. Traditionally, the liquor digestive.

As an independent drink

Baileys can be served also as an independent drink to dessert, especially ice cream or coffee. In this case, Baileys served in a special liqueur glasses. This Cup is similar to a Martini or wine, but it is smaller. As a rule, to the volume of 25-50 ml. In glass of liquor the liquor is served in its purest form.

To add to coffee

Baileys instead of cream directly add to coffee. It is today widely practiced, but this option is only for informal occasions. Remember that Beilis – sweet drink, so do not put in coffee sugar.


If you decide Baileys with something to combine, it should be served in a glass larger amount – say, in a wine glass. Can be served with Baileys with crushed ice or ice cubes. You can sprinkle the liqueur top with grated chocolate or cocoa powder. Also, you can decorate the rim of the glass berry strawberry or put the berries in each glass. Maybe Baileys would be nice to be combined with meat in white wine or butter sauce and a fruit and vegetable salad, but the pasta, seafood or sushi is not for liquor. Generally, during the meal liqueurs feeding is not accepted, because they can beat the taste of food, and this is unacceptable for gourmets. Baileys can be the main drink for a sweet table or sweet buffet.

Baileys to drink

With dessert

Basically Baileys served with dessert, but if you have the desire to drink a liqueur after dinner, and at other times, it is possible to file fresh strawberries.

With banana

Also Baileys goes well with the banana taste. You can chop bananas on skewers or chop. You can prepare a quick salad of bananas and strawberries. Simply and quickly you can also prepare banana boats (bananas are cleaned, cut in half lengthwise, of the flesh with a spoon is removed, to form a “boat”.

The recesses can be filled with different fillings, for example, cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar and banana pulp. Or nuts, chopped in a blender and mixed with melted chocolate.

Dessert with ice cream

Can offer to liqueur dessert with ice cream. Say, smash the usual shortbread, a little poolsite nuts, chop the berries (cherry or strawberry) and mix it all with slightly softened ice cream. Lined in cream ice cream sprinkle with grated chocolate or cocoa. Dessert eaten with a spoon and wash it down with Bailey’s liquor.

With tiramisu cake, marshmallow and berry fruit salad

The taste of Baileys goes well with the taste of famous Tiramisu cupcake, but fit and any coffee cake, with butter cream.

Served with Baileys and marshmallows. For a snack you can prepare berry – fruit salad, any berries and fruits that are available in your home. Dressed with salad cream or sweet yoghurt.

Baileys should not be confused

It is impossible in any case to mix the Bailey’s and sodas. as the cream may curdle. It is not recommended to mix it with juices.

However, with this cream liqueur is possible to prepare delicious cocktails. The most famous cocktails with liqueur Baileys chocolate shake and “B-52”.