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It is noticed that with the onset of cold speed the flow of people on the streets order increases. From home to work and the same way back running man, tight zapihnuv coat, hoping to go home in the heat. After all, what could be nicer than at the end of a long day to enter the house, loudly banging his boots, brushing off clinging snow, and you sniff the familiar smell of home comfort. And let it be chocolate!

Want to treat loved ones icy winter? Prepare them a Cup of fragrant hot chocolate. This mark of attention they are sure to appreciate. And don’t

forget. Chocolate contains a variety of nutrients, it increases vitality, improves memory and attention. Just one Cup of hot chocolate – and the mood will improve, no wonder chocolate is a good remedy for the Blues.

Hot chocolate is known since ancient times. The Mayans and the Aztecs cooked it so: was overcooked cocoa beans, then crushed and diluted with water. To this mixture was added chili pepper, so drink, I think, was thermonuclear. It was only later, after many centuries, the Europeans replaced the pepper sugar and drank the hot drink. However, the recipe of hot chocolate with chilli exists, it is quite possible to prepare at home, as I will explain later.

Currently having to grind cocoa beans, as the ancient people, we don’t have. But remember: cocoa powder or cocoa from granules – not allies hot chocolate. For making a truly delicious drink you will need a good tile of dark chocolate, without additives and dyes, not less than 60% cocoa content. Don’t skimp in the selection: the quality of this component of the recipe directly affects the taste of the drink.

Before you begin to cook delicacies, chill the chocolate bar in the fridge: it must be solid. Smash the chocolate into small pieces and sprinkle in a heated, but not boiled milk (it must be in the ratio of 1:4 to chocolate). Then stir until smooth and wait until the drink starts to slowly boil. Add sugar to taste and corn flour to thicken a bit, about a teaspoon. Here is a little secret, as now they say – life hack. That the flour is lost in clumps, add a little hot milk or water, literally a drop, and stir. You get a homogeneous paste: it and add in chocolate.

Instead of milk you can add cream, if necessary, if the drink seems too thick, it can always be diluted with water. And if you want to get a more refined taste, substitute dark chocolate for milk. The most important thing you must not forget: hot chocolate cooked on low heat and make sure it did not hit the water – otherwise he might just curl up. Try not to overheat the chocolate. Then turn off the heat and allow the chocolate to stand for 10 minutes, no more. During this time he will become more intense, and if it cools down a little preheat. You can whisk well to form a foam or garnish with whipped cream.

Generally, in hot chocolate, you can add almost anything you want. Want a more hearty drink – add the egg yolk, carefully pour it and don’t let the drink simmer. Alcohol and spices will give the chocolate a unique taste. You can also add fruit, dried fruit, ice cream – to your taste and imagination.

Hot chocolate with cinnamon

For 2 servings you will need:

– 70 g bitter chocolate;

– 200 ml of milk;

– 100 ml cream (20% fat);

– 2 sticks of cinnamon.

Pour into a saucepan the milk and cream and heat nearly to boiling. Add crumbled into large pieces cinnamon sticks and wait 5 minutes. After the mixture rises, add the chocolate, mangled chunks, and stir with a whisk.

Hot chocolate with a banana

– pinch of cinnamon.

Banana peel and cut into chunks, chocolate break. Pour into a saucepan the milk, add banana and chocolate. On a low flame to heat the mixture without boiling, waiting until melted chocolate. Then the chocolate, remove from heat, beat with a blender or whisk and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Coffee latte with chocolate

For 2 servings you will need:

– 60 g bitter chocolate;

Coffee and chocolate are quite in harmony with each other. If you want a more refreshing drink, heat the milk almost to a boil and divide into two parts – 250 and 100 ml. In most of the milk, add the coffee and one tablespoon of vanilla sugar. In the remaining milk – 2 tbsp vanilla sugar; bring almost to a boil. Then add the chocolate, broken into pieces, and stir. Now connect the two parts of the milk mixture and whisk or blender, or whisk.

Brazilian hot chocolate

For 2 servings you will need:

– 125 g bitter chocolate;

– 500 ml of milk;

– 100 g of sugar;

– 60 ml strong coffee;

– 250 ml of water.

The water should boil and remove from heat. In the water dissolve the chunks of chocolate and add to the mixture heated nearly to boiling milk. Put into a drink of coffee and sugar and leave to cook over very low heat (you can make a water bath). Constantly stirring the drink, make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved in it.

Hot chocolate “grown-up”

If hot chocolate add a little alcohol, the drink wouldn’t hurt. Just remember: alcohol should be of high quality (however, this rule can be successfully used not only for cooking chocolate).

To cook for two brandy-chocolate . take 400 ml of milk, heat until boiling, but do not boil. Add 200 g of broken dark chocolate and dissolve. Remove the beverage from the heat, add 4 tbsp of brandy and the same of sugar and stir.

If you want a sweeter drink, try to make hot chocolate with liquor (it is advisable to take chocolate). To do this, bring almost to the boil 300 ml of milk of high fat, add 1 tbsp cocoa powder and chunks of dark chocolate (70 g). Stir the mixture until chocolate is completely dissolved and then add 2 tablespoons sugar, whisk until the foam. Pour 1 tbsp liqueur cups, top to dilute the chocolate. Specified amount of ingredients you’ll have 2 cups of flavored drink.

Add peppercorns

In tragic and comic the movie “Chocolate”, the main character Juliette Binoche prepares amazing-magic drink for the inhabitants of a small town. For the preparation of hot chocolate she uses chili pepper . making the drink is rich and delicious. If you want to try the acute effect of hot chocolate, to prepare two servings, take 100 g of bitter chocolate, 60 ml cream (22%), the zest of half the orange, sugar and chilli.

First melt the chocolate in the hot cream, add the orange zest and mix thoroughly. Add the sugar. Chili is better to break into two parts and throw in chocolate – then it does not fall out the seeds, and the pod can be used more than once. For the first experience pepper best extract earlier to his burning taste does not discourage you hunting to try this chocolate again.

Cold winter hot chocolate like nothing else will warm you and your loved ones, will banish the Blues and add tone. It remains only to choose a recipe according to your taste or invent your own.