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5 the world’s most popular tea recipes

Tea consider it their national drink and the Chinese, Russians, and British. Each country has its own tradition of tea and their ways of brewing tea. We offer some of the most popular recipes with the national colors

Tea is one of the most ancient beverages, and, according to statisticians and scientists, the most common on the globe. In some countries, tea is respected and appreciated, like bread. There are people for whom it is not only a drink, but the food, for example, salted buttered tea, which is traditionally drink steppe nomads.

Kalmyk tea with salt maps of Jomboy

The tradition of brewing tea with milk and salt it Kalmyks adopted from the Mongols. But in General this beverage for many centuries been a tradition for many of the peoples of Central Asia. The ancient Mongols were nomads on the border with China and borrowed from their neighbors the tradition of drinking green tea. But in the Mongolian desert anhydrous milk was much more accessible water, so brewed tea with milk. And traveled with the nomads not the usual loose tea and compressed into compact briquettes. Kalmyk tea energy drink, in fact, a nutritious dish. Enough two cups of the maps of Jomboy with a piece of homemade bread to recharge your power and for a long time not to experience hunger. Therefore, for satiety added in tea and oil. And salt in Kalmyk tea not only does not stop to quench their thirst, but also controls water balance in the body.

Kalmyk tea recipe

2 teaspoons of green tea put in 0.5 l of water and boil 5 minutes on low heat. Then pour the hot milk (0.5 l), salt and cook for another 8 minutes. In strained tea put 50 g of butter and bring to a boil again.

English tea with milk

The British really love to drink tea with milk. Although now almost no one adheres to the tradition to arrange a five-o-clock – traditional tea at 17.00. Real English tea is brewed by adding hot strong brew in the milk already poured into cups, but not Vice versa. And here’s why. Porcelain, into which was poured scalding water, often cracked and collapsed right on the table. To avoid this trouble, you have poured the hot brew into the pre-poured cold milk. And tea taste was mellowed. If you decide to treat yourself with tea in English, take note that his milk taste is ideal oat cookies, muffins or toasted toast with jam.

The tea recipe in English

English tea is brewed in such proportions. For one serving, take 1 teaspoon of dry tea, 2/3 Cup boiling water, 1/3 Cup of milk. Brewed tea add in a Cup that already has the milk – it’s a strict rule. His offense spoils the taste and aroma of the tea.

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In tea English first poured cold soloco, then freshly brewed tea, do not crush the delicate porcelain Cup. As in the hand of the lady with a picture of Mary Cassatt Photo: Wikipedia

Cup half filled with strong welding (unnecessary fortress can not be afraid – lemon neutralizes its still). Pour scalding water, put in tea a slice of lemon and wait for the circle Sunny citrus will give their flavor hot drink.